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Definition of Favored

American spelling standard spelling of favoured. | simple past tense and past participle of favor

How To Use Favored In A Sentence?

  • Some of the islands lay in the shade, dark and gloomy, while others were bright and favored spots.
  • In the summer of 1806, the historical conditions in Europe favored a general peace.
  • The United Irishmen favored the invasion, which the Volunteers had been formed to repel.
  • Titmouse, Titmouse, methinks the fates favored you in assigning to you Mr. Subtle!
  • Of these the third is the only one favored by the ethics and political sagacity of enlightened nations today.
  • To favored persons he was apt to make an occasional suggestion upon the company's stock.
  • He made the attempt in several quarters and found it too risky; but on this particular night fortune favored him.
  • She favored him with one of her sudden, tantalizing smiles, and his brain whirled as he looked away.
  • The majority of the commission favored bimetallism but they demanded, first, the remonetization of the silver dollar.
  • The ground was very wet, and a ditch favored them, but we cut down upwards of fifty in as many seconds.
  • But the consistency with which higher beings came to visit earth-born man in the shape of favored animals, is more than an accident.
  • During his high school studies he was favored with good teachers, but hampered by his home-bred roughness and uncouthness and his poverty.
  • The mother favored him a little; of this he was reasonably certain; but the moods of the daughter were difficult to discover or to follow.
  • Fortune favored him, for the enemy had suffered terrible losses and were occupied in beating a hasty retreat, what was left of them.
  • Garson had long favored an all-out radiological attack, employing every nuclear weapon the country could muster.
  • I caught my breath, and wiped the perspiration from my brow, feeling that good fortune had favored me in the most singular manner.
  • These are a few favored veterans, mostly decayed officers of the army and navy, who owe this shelter to royal favor and an endowment.
  • He was member for Cambridge from 1829 to 1831, but was defeated in 1831 because he had favored parliamentary reform.
  • Wise forest management requires, first of all, that the choice of species shall be adapted to the soil and climate favored by that species.
  • A liberal amount of water dashed in his face aided him to recover consciousness, and in a short time he sat up and favored us with a scowl.
  • A larger number favored the scheme, but they yielded to the claim of that State to be admitted without conditions.
  • The little city of Logansport was favored not a great while in the past with a visit and lecture from the Colonel.
  • I do not recall the name of one man who favored emancipation as a policy and adhered to the Democratic Party.
  • The day was hot and the roads dusty, and Lawrence favored the horses all possible, but they made good progress.
  • Once more she smiled, holding out the letter; and the boys favored him with dark and forbidding glances; but Bowles was game to the end.
  • Flood favored sending Irish troops, "armed negotiators" he called them, to deal with the revolted colonists.
  • But it was all luck, in this instance, which favored me; for I heard some one say that the train was thirty minutes late that day.
  • She had always been a favored member of the gang, and the men had whistled attendance on her hardly less than upon Ruth Tolliver herself.
  • In 1860, a majority of the delegates to the Congressional Convention in my district, favored my nomination, but not through any effort by me.
  • And as he was a friend to truth, so he was a friend to vital piety and the power of godliness, and ever countenanced and favored it on all occasions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Favored | Favored Sentence

  • He favored me with a pale smile.
  • As it was, fate favored him.
  • For a long time fortune favored him.
  • A small number of Democrats favored the measure.
  • Fortune favored Carl Meason.
  • In so doing, he was favored greatly by his character and antecedents.
  • Our wonderful history led people to believe that we are a favored nation.
  • They favored the remonetization of the silver dollar, and that without delay.
  • American engineers generally favored that through Nicaragua.
  • The vast castle, the gardens, the park, the forest, favored love.

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