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  • Judy was no favourite of his.
  • I am a great favourite with her.
  • That was her favourite battle cry!
  • The favourite shrinks back from her own countenance.
  • Jerrold had a favourite dog that followed him everywhere.
  • Edith liked Vincy to talk in his favourite Cockney strain.
  • This was a favourite opinion with many of the ancient philosophers.
  • It was her favourite and wholly untranslatable term of opprobrium.
  • As for herself, she was no favourite in the neighbourhood at any time.
  • Horses of this kind seem always to select their favourite boy.
  • It seemed a favourite on board the schooner, for it was played most of all.
  • But what old favourite dog or even bird is there that any one would part with?
  • It was a favourite spot of observation, for vessels could be seen miles off.
  • So you see that I get some good reading out of my favourite paper.
  • I had always been the favourite of both my parents, and now I was their idol.
  • His favourite colours were yellow, red, green, and wet-black.
  • The Durian, a peculiarly favourite fruit in several of the Eastern Islands.
  • Men's heads without brains are, or were at least, favourite jugs.
  • That's why it is the favourite with many of the leading Airmen of the day.

How To Use Favourite In A Sentence?

  • For this he was excluded from the banquet and was deprived of his favourite soma.
  • She had put her mark against favourite passages, and now she turned to some of these.
  • He was the favourite animal of superstition, and a few tales of him are still current.
  • As she retired in despair, she trod by accident on the paw of his favourite spaniel.
  • His disposition was a happy one, and he was a general favourite among the boatmen.
  • The women lent a greedy ear to these romances, like a page out of their favourite novelettes.
  • A favourite reflectional form is that of powers and faculties of soul, intelligence, or mind.
  • He was pleasantly occupied with his favourite topic when Westenra quietly entered.
  • Sowthistle, dent-de-lion, and lettuce are their favourite vegetables, especially the last.
  • It seemed to me that I was no longer such a favourite with her as I used to be.
  • More of the Mitchells Edith had become an immense favourite with the Mitchells.
  • A telegram was sent indicating arrival at 8 Mostyn Crescent, in a favourite North Wales town.
  • Then each repaired to his favourite chair placed in the same spot on the wide veranda to wait for luncheon.
  • Ten years ago Babaye was Corsar Beg's favourite mistress, now she is Azrael's favourite slave.
  • She was always an immense favourite with women, who felt subconsciously grateful to her for her wonderful forbearance.
  • A woman of the party had one day lost a favourite bird, and all the men tried to recover it for her.
  • Every form of imitation (imitating of course only the faults of a favourite writer) is to be recommended.
  • He was afraid the plan would be unpopular with the priests, who would see themselves bereft of the favourite members of their congregations.
  • As might be anticipated, it was a favourite character with poets, and descriptions of its propensities and actions abound.
  • She sends her favourite maiden on a quest which is fraught with much danger; on the accomplishment of that mission thy happiness depends.
  • One of his favourite haunts was the near Strand, probably because he was sure to meet his friends there.

Definition of Favourite

Preferred or liked above all others (unless qualified). | Belonging to a category whose members are all preferred or liked over nonmembers. | To favour.
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