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  • Why this fearful mortality?
  • He was a fearful sight.
  • Why this fearful limitation of the divine mercy?
  • At length the fearful hour of separating arrived.
  • The last words were pronounced in a fearful tone.
  • From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won.
  • I felt fearful of being discovered by him, and withdrew.
  • Boyce, fearful of this circumstance, still remained calm.
  • She was fearful of M. de Calonne, and with good reason.
  • A single fearful instinct crowded now upon the long strain of the week.
  • He paused a moment, as though battling with some fearful recollection.
  • Her aunt, fearful of what the morrow might bring forth, gratified her desire.
  • When old Dob feels his oats, poor Joe has a fearful time keeping up.
  • The Partridge Hunter's forehead began to knit into a fearful frown.

How To Use Fearful In A Sentence?

  • We shall not insult the humanity of the reader by the details of this fearful carnage.
  • Louise was a little fearful for her guests, yet she had confidence in the driver.
  • And all this time, death was grimly bearing down upon them in one of his most fearful forms.
  • The past and the future fastened upon her soul like the fiery fangs of two fearful snakes.
  • That there they might this fearful sight, and dreaded Presence shun.
  • Every one of those hundred orators is to me a more fearful thought than that of a hundred men gathering samphire.
  • Suddenly he sprang up and bounded impetuously against the wall with a hoarse, rough bark of fearful loudness.
  • There is something fearful in returning to those we love, while yet uncertain what ills or changes absence may have effected.
  • As he said this he gave involuntarily one of those fearful glances over his shoulder, and shrunk back with more than usual horror.
  • Rage and sorrow broke like a fearful storm across your senses, and you put down your head and cried like a child.
  • Staggering and bleeding, the guerrillas shrank back into the woods, but only to rally and with fearful yells dash for the gun again.
  • All stood waiting with strained, fearful faces, while the boat pulled up and down, battered by the waves.
  • In the horror of the fearful retreat from the ruined city the fame of Ney reached its highest point.
  • Still matters were not long satisfactory, owing to the failure of the potato crop in 1845, when the mortality became fearful in consequence.
  • And may we not also add, nor in the supernatural course of things either; and there only remains a certain fearful looking-for of judgment?
  • The honest burghers cast fearful glances at the deep scar slashed across the visage of the stranger, and moved their chairs a little farther off.
  • She was riding his pony, the Yuma colt, and he would be fearful for the rider's safety.
  • Joe cast a disapproving look at the opening as we stood by the crib side, but, fearful of awakening the little sleeper, he said nothing.
  • He is still pale and weak, and moves trembling from one chair to another, starting at the least noise or movement, and fearful of his own shadow.
  • The penance is a fearful one, and as the night is the only time for feasting, the Persians get through as much of the day as possible in sleep.
  • Poorly becomes it the German to give to these fearful excitements Aught of continuance, or to be this way and that way inclining.
  • Some days afterwards his father, then a mere youth, was asked to assist in the disposal of some of the kegs, and, fearful of refusing, consented.
  • I turned away from humanity and sought that fearful desert of individual loneliness and isolation which is now more sad and real to me than any outward object can be.
  • Next, I heard heavy splashing of water, and then a crash which portended that the farmer had fallen over the washstand, making a fearful clatter.
  • If he went to Tom, it would very likely mean the loss of the race, for a matter of four hundred miles out of his road would be a fearful handicap.
  • Nothing but the most fixed and rooted faith, or the most blind and unquestioning submission, can withstand the fearful blasts and dark impulses of such a system.

Definition of Fearful

Frightening. | Tending to fear; timid. | (dated) Terrible; shockingly bad.
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