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  • It was a month of feasting and holidays.
  • Everywhere feasting and revelry filled the night.
  • Then the oxen were slaughtered and the feasting began.
  • The toiling and feasting continue about ten days.
  • There was feasting to-night in the great man's house.
  • So everything was done to make the harvest-home a day of feasting and mirth.
  • Why is it "dearer" than the feasting of those who stay at home?
  • The feasting and the firelight; silently He rose and stole away.

How To Use Feasting In A Sentence?

  • About the flickering fires in and before the lodges there was feasting and merriment.
  • Not far from this room is a large hall where he is in the habit of feasting with his companions.
  • They all took up their quarters in our neighbourhood, where they remained feasting for some days.
  • And the feasting and the enjoyment went on, and the entire assembly were gay and cheerful.
  • Sometimes revelling in ale-houses; sometimes feasting under hedges in the green fields.
  • The head of the house invites the others to drink wine, and the feasting begins.
  • They took her to a royal palace, where there was nothing but feasting and dancing for seven days.
  • At sunset a gun announces that the day is over, and feasting commences and lasts all night.
  • There had been feasting and merry-making despite the darkening shadow of the Persian.
  • The child is born without feasting or ceremony, and only two or three friends witness the birth.
  • Such feasting ended, then As sure an end to men; Irks care the crop-full bird?
  • All these blessings the possessing and feasting of a fresh head are supposed to be the most efficient means of securing.
  • All the braves knew of it; everywhere they were talking of it, and preparing for the feasting and dancing.
  • Later, there were some vultures feasting on a dead camel, and a mule-load of two bodies down in the mud.
  • When they returned at night they unbound me, and we all sat down to supper together, feasting on two polecats which they had killed.
  • They in the pride of their feasting began to break their jests in mirthful manner, when they saw one looking so poor and so aged approach.
  • Christmas visiting and feasting were entered into with zest by both planters and slaves for many years previous to the Revolution.
  • I have no doubt that they would be feasting yet, if the Witch had not then and there stealthily stolen upon them.
  • As plain as print, one could read the signs of some feasting party interrupted and guests hastily leaving their places to return no more.
  • The cannibal, feasting on his foe, is engaged in the honorable effort of saving a soul, and the priestly torturer is doing the same.
  • And is it not a good quarter of an hour's amusement every afternoon to watch the gourmets feasting their eyes on the day's fare?
  • Work was suspended, and the disappointed thirty solaced themselves by feasting at Yakin's expense.
  • As he expected, the house of his father the chief was full of people, and there was a big fire made and much feasting and merriment.
  • All you who to feasting and mirth are inclined, Come, here is good news for to pleasure your mind.
  • He found his friends seated at the table and feasting on hot biscuits, eggs, and clear, appetizing coffee.
  • Here Sindbad paused, and commanded the musicians to play again, while the feasting continued until evening.
  • A gathering was held the night before the funeral, which in feasting and drinking partook somewhat of the nature of an Irish wake.
  • Among the press of little fish leaped cod, hake, dog fish, all feasting on the annual migration of the pilchards.
  • But even feasting has its limitations on a warm day in June, and as the edibles disappeared the hike spread came to an end.
  • Flame may give light and bonfires may illuminate, yet we may easily be burnt by them; but music is always a sign of feasting and merriment.
  • After feasting his eyes for a considerable time upon the lovely and animated scene, Roger returned with his companion to the palace.

Definition of Feasting

present participle of feast | A feast, or an occasion on which people or animals feast
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