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  • He feasts there still.
  • Besides, feasts are not for me any more.
  • A place where caste feasts are celebrated.
  • At certain feasts a young infant was immolated.
  • Kings make no seven-day feasts for all comers now.
  • But the sultan feasts in England well.
  • It is the same with the feasts of Isis, Osiris, and Horus.
  • If between these feasts there was famine the world never knew.
  • He proved this by the feasts he caused to be provided for all the people.
  • Such was the course of the great feasts of arms of our ancestors.
  • They mingled together at marriage feasts and at religious festivals.
  • The sums spent upon these feasts do not seem so fabulous now as they did then.
  • To one of those feasts there came an old palmer dressed in black.
  • Her birth was celebrated by lavish feasts and gay songs and dances.
  • Her mother feasts him, and he calls her parents to eat at his house.
  • We have seen that the feasts and the names of Jehovah are prophetic.
  • I might even add, their daily feasts argue a savage vigor of body.
  • At such shooting feasts the whole of the adjoining Court took part.
  • The expense ridiculously bestowed on the Roman feasts passes all belief.
  • It was, indeed, high time for feasts and men to take food and rest.
  • In this way religious feasts grew up among the early Christians.
  • How fit our well-rank'd Feasts do follow!

How To Use Feasts In A Sentence?

  • Two officers distinguished themselves at these feasts in a very remarkable manner.
  • There are no set intervals between these feasts as has been generally supposed.
  • None of them wishes to extend the feasts that are everywhere being prepared for them.
  • Their feasts are like their customs, and one is the manifestation of the other.
  • Who of the saints would not dread to share in the feasts or amusements of such persons?
  • That old hall in all its two hundred years of feasts had not heard such a noise before.
  • Her ladyship as companion of his wine feasts chilled the bottles with freezing glance.
  • We here make no account of the feasts of the martyrs, which were of a very inferior order.
  • There are old allegorical feasts to be found everywhere, as those of the return of the seasons.
  • And because he was stealing and wanted no one to see him he always ate his stolen feasts at night.
  • What are you but ornamental portions of his feasts and banquets, just to fill up a weary interval?
  • England meanwhile feasts the sultan, and pledges the bloody toast of non-interference.
  • When does he learn frugality, to whom fine feasts and rich banquets have become a habit?
  • The savage feasts and drinks until everything is gone; and then he hunts or goes to war.
  • There were sons without number and feasts without end; the entire universe belonged to him.
  • They took presents of green tobacco and furs, and made feasts to honour their visitors.
  • He gives splendid feasts and entertainments; but then he was wealthy, and could well afford it.
  • How many feasts have come steaming from the kitchen when the London coach was in!

Definition of Feasts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of feast | plural of feast
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