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  • His features instantly relaxed.
  • To the loathed features of a cottage wench.
  • I have several other features to follow this one.
  • His features were fine, though emaciated.
  • The anguish'd features of a ling'ring death.
  • Apafi's features grew still darker.
  • A forced smile on those convulsed features was something too terrible.
  • The severity melted from his features while he took his place beside her.
  • Mrs. Overtheway's features were almost perfect.
  • Suddenly the Turk caught sight of the painted features of the sturdy redskin.
  • At this spectacle Banfi's features grew flaming red.
  • All his features are perfect, except that he hasn't extrodinary teeth.
  • And here occurs one of the most remarkable features of Bacon's system.
  • The chin was firm as Archie's, the features strong as they were delicate.

How To Use Features In A Sentence?

  • Renewed happiness and comfort had invested her features with a sort of transparent brightness.
  • The weakness of his tone and the pallid features of him vouched for the truth of his statement.
  • His rugged features still wore their look of exuberant vitality, of triumphant faith.
  • One of the great features of the Fair was to be an international carnival of sports.
  • He listened quietly, and his sharp, expressive features showed no signs of surprise.
  • Their features were generally good; the straight line of the Greek profile well defined in many.
  • These undesirable features work to the detriment of both the user of the telephone and the operating company.
  • And what meant that stare of the girl as if she wanted to impress his features for ever in her mind?
  • The home neighborhood has its physiographical features distinguishing it from other places and influencing the life of its inhabitants.
  • As a young man he was handsome, though now his features are battered out of all original conception.
  • Frank mentioned some of the movies accessories he had purchased and told of some novel features in the way of films for which he had contracted.
  • The prominent animal features had sunk or softened down, the rational and intellectual had become developed.
  • Apafi's features now wore an expression of dignity, firmness, and energy worthy of a prince.
  • The two perspective views show the general features of the drop and jack and the method by which the magnet coil may be withdrawn from the shell.
  • We must know something of direction in order to conveniently locate the streets, buildings and physiographical features near our home.
  • Beldi at once held out his hand and heartily greeted the youth, whose manly features however wore a grave and serious look.
  • Not as if there was anything hard, rough, stiff, or masculine in the features themselves: on the contrary.
  • One of these transmitters, embodying these same features but with modified details, is shown in Fig.
  • His features are not striking, and yet when he talks to you and gets interested in his own ideas, he sheds a kind of warmth that is like magnetism.
  • I took advantage of their halting at this spot, drew forth a quire of drawing-paper, and began to sketch the features of the landscape.
  • In the rude tribes of the Tengger, hereditary faith reflects the uncompromising features of local environment.
  • His profile as he passed into his pew showed him young, his skin slightly bronzed, his features good, if a trifle heavy.
  • The colored woman came running, and with her Grace, who looked at the wan features of the soldier with piteous eyes.
  • He was a tall thin man of middle age, with a striking appearance and the straight composed features of an early American portrait.
  • A faint twitch came over the set features of the corpse at this, and Hardy Atkins leaped desperately in to shield his face.
  • The Whyte features were of a type which none would envy the possessor, save as the stamp of the illustrious house of Battersea.

Definition of Features

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of feature | plural of feature
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