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  • Few of them asked what his fee would be.
  • He had drawn the will and got a good fee for it.
  • Neither is his fee the object of life to a true merchant.
  • The fee may be paid in convenient terms.
  • I never accept a fee in a simple accident case.
  • By charging a small fee you might make him self-supporting.
  • The annual membership fee is $2.50.
  • Soon after he met Thororm and claimed the fee of him.
  • Du wirst dir wie eine Fee darin machen!
  • I am sure you would pay me any reasonable fee I asked.
  • The fee for the representation by amateurs is Five Guineas.
  • After all, had I not taken my fee from Don Jose?
  • There is a rumor that a license fee is to be required by the city.
  • They are forbidden to receive fee or compensation for their services.
  • As owner in fee of 50 acres ditto.
  • We paid our threepence entrance fee in the stone hall and went upstairs.
  • Band concerts are held, and a small entrance fee is taken at the gate.
  • It took eight hours and cost him $17 more than his fee of $20....

How To Use Fee In A Sentence?

  • The fee is small in itself; it shrinks into insignificance when compared with the returns.
  • An attorney is not compelled to appear for any one unless he takes his fee or backs the warrant.
  • Within this patrol limit saloons can exist upon the payment of a license fee of $1000 a year.
  • I guess counsel is just collecting a little extra fee for that break in Bermuda.
  • They are satisfied with this judgment, and never do either judge or lawyer have a fee out of their pockets.
  • Whereupon he swore them solemnly and made a record in his fee book, to the later consternation of his jurors.
  • He had not wanted to name his fee for defending her dad; but when he had named it, it did not seem so enormous as she had imagined it to be.
  • Better have twenty-five dollars than starve; the initiation fee was only twelve dollars, and no dues required from the unemployed.
  • The fee for the Modern Business Course and Service is $136 in the United States.
  • A fee of one dollar secures the right to walk about the grounds, ascend the pyramid, and go down inside of it.
  • Sure enough, he found some writing materials therein, and the money for covering the fee of a special courier for his letter.
  • If the Course is worth anything at all, the fee is slight in comparison with the results that will follow.
  • Bicycles and tricycles are now delivered for the public from any telegraph office in Bristol and district by special messenger at a fee of 3d.
  • The counsel fee is to enable her to pay a lawyer and prepare for trial, and the amount usually varies from one hundred to one thousand dollars.
  • A small fee is charged, partly to defray expenses, and partly to attract a class of people who disdain philanthropy and settlements.
  • A fee of sixpence (about twelve cents) secures admission, but another sixpence is required if the library and museum are visited.
  • These men practise much as medical men in England, and receive a quasi-surreptitious fee on every visit.
  • At this meeting it was decided the annual membership fee shall be for men, twenty-five cents; and for women, ten cents.
  • It is not considered disreputable to take fee after fee to uphold injustice, to plead against innocence, to pervert truth, and to aid the devil.
  • For instance, the initiation fee had been raised to fifty dollars; that sum must be tendered, and also ten per cent.
  • The tuition fee was fixed at forty dollars, and board, room-rent and lodging at one dollar and seventy-five cents a week.
  • Troubles beset me wherein I would have your help and that of your companions, for which I will pay each of you the fee that he desires.

Definition of Fee

To reward for services performed, or to be performed; to recompense; to hire or keep in hire; hence, to bribe. | (feudal law) A right to the use of a superior's land, as a stipend for services to be performed; also, the land so held; a fief. | (law) An inheritable estate in land held of a feudal lord on condition of the performing of certain services.
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