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  • The feeblest part was the singing.
  • There was not the feeblest murmur of response.
  • His ear attends the feeblest sigh.
  • The weakest and feeblest shall not be left behind.
  • Nor did the animal world assert the feeblest sway.
  • The feeblest arm may be nerved by wrong for miracles.
  • I am probably the feeblest and worst preacher in my diocese.
  • Again he tried to shout, but only the feeblest groan issued.
  • It is Anne's voice at her feeblest and most depressed.
  • But the humblest, feeblest Christian has that which is impossible to you.

How To Use Feeblest In A Sentence?

  • Hence the feeblest creature can always produce a sensation by breaking the taboo.
  • Wilson had found and lighted a lantern and this threw the feeblest of rays ahead.
  • The eldest lady says weakly deprecatory things, and the feeblest male is jocular after his wont.
  • He stumped his cigar upon the ash-tray, till it failed to emit the feeblest glow.
  • It is the settled and absolute standing of the feeblest member of the Church of God.
  • She thinks how dark will be the moonless night, How feeblest ray is yet supernal light.
  • But the young patrician's rank and pretensions covered an intellect of the feeblest order.
  • The feeblest articles in the weakliest magazines, the very mildest and most conventional novels appear to be the only studies of the majority.
  • These facts will so sufficiently illustrate the course that events were taking, as to foreshadow their conclusion to the feeblest understanding.
  • If this insect sang the feeblest note, it certainly did the most work, and inflicted the most injury.
  • That frantic desire to behold distant objects has always seemed to me to be one of the feeblest tendencies of the human mind.
  • Without a warning of any sort his beautiful alto voice disappeared, leaving in its place only the feeblest and most unmusical of croaks.
  • Pascal said "man is but a reed, the feeblest thing in nature, but he is a reed that thinks.
  • With unerring maladroitness Pelgram had chosen the time of all others when his star was burning with its feeblest flame.
  • God knows we would not pen a line to discourage the feeblest lamb in all the precious flock of Christ.
  • Louis XIII. was the feeblest of the Bourbons, but he made his throne the first in Europe.
  • So long as we feel that there are others to be sustained by our fortitude, even the feeblest possess a firmness to which they might otherwise be strangers.
  • Because, He hears the feeblest wail of want, though it comes not from a dove or even from a harmless sparrow, but a young raven.
  • It is the possession of this power in the sexual sphere which lends real importance to even the feeblest attempts of women to prepare themselves to meet the duties in the new paths that are being opened to them.
  • The weakest lamb shall not be left to perish in the wilderness: the feeblest child shall not be missing when the muster-roll is brought out at the last day.
  • Those of our readers who think they recognise either the situations or any part of the dialogue, will kindly remember that treatment is everything, and the imputation of plagiarism is the feeblest of all charges.
  • Aurora at the end of a day during which the sun had not lighted the world by one feeblest ray, and the night had closed down thick and damp, was just a little disposed to low spirits.
  • Here is no non-committalism, no wistful casting about for loop-holes, no sly putting out of hooks to catch backers, not the feeblest germ of quibble or lie.
  • This is indeed one of the strangest poems of Latin literature, an overwhelming burden of mythological and literary references saddled on the feeblest of fables.

Definition of Feeblest

superlative form of feeble: most feeble
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