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How To Use Feel For In A Sentence?

  • It is only from the depths of our own sorrows that we learn to feel for that of others.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Feel For | Feel For Sentence

  • Did she only feel for him what he felt for her?
  • Did he feel for these dying and the dead?
  • I feel for you from the bottom of my soul.
  • I feel for its little body.
  • I wonder if it was wrong to feel for her?
  • I feel for the work you have done and are doing.
  • Think of them all, and feel for them.
  • I feel for you to the bottom of my heart.
  • He must know how very deeply we feel for him.
  • I feel for you, sincerely!
  • She has that gift of making one feel for her.
  • My first thought was to feel for my revolver.
  • You led me to feel for you the most ardent love.
  • He could feel for them the tenderness of kind affection!
  • I am a man, and feel for all mankind.
  • He must feel for the middle way and upset no prejudices.
  • Art thou a man, then feel for my distress.
  • I feel for you, sir, from my heart.
  • I feel for him, too, while being absolutely firm with him.
  • But I feel for your doctor too.
  • Y a fe what I feel for her.
  • So I feel for another.
  • And I feel for her as only a father feels.
  • Her first movement was to feel for Jack.
  • I think I can understand why you feel for her as you do.
  • My lord, I feel for you.
  • How strong and how sudden is the interest I feel for her!
  • That I can really feel for you, and you can feel for me.
  • I have got a son at sea, so I can feel for her.
  • I mean the adoration I feel for you, my queen!
  • He can feel for you, and He can help as well as feel.
  • On my honour, as a woman, I feel for him most.
  • I'm sure it's love I feel for you.
  • I feel as I have never felt, could never feel, for myself.
  • You feel for the ten men you doom to die, but, Great God!
  • Enrica stretched out her hands before her to feel for the door.
  • None but he who has felt such an interruption, can feel for me.
  • I am constrain'd to feel for thee.
  • You will feel for me when you know that he is apparently deaf and dumb.

Definition of Feel For

(idiomatic) To experience sympathy for; to sympathise with.
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