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  • What must his feelings have been!
  • My own feelings were curiously divided.
  • His feelings were not otherwise touched.
  • Haidee hid her feelings well.
  • We have to put our human feelings behind us.
  • There's feelings you've never felt....
  • I do not care that my feelings should be made a subject of discussion.
  • Joan's feelings on the matter were also not unmixed.
  • I place the most implicit reliance on your kindly feelings toward me.
  • My father's feelings were wrapped up in my elder brother.
  • But what will his feelings be when he hears what I am going to tell you now?
  • My feelings driven back upon myself, entered and preyed upon my own heart.
  • These views and feelings are not peculiar to the opponents of Calvinism.
  • And what were Mary's own feelings on the subject?
  • The feelings of fellow-Americans toward him began to be tinged with pity.
  • No words can express my feelings on reading your letter of the 1st of March.
  • What are my feelings when I find myself thus alone among these men!
  • He was maddeningly curt, but I pocketed my feelings and persisted.
  • Because I hadn't the decent horse-gumption to keep my feelings to myself!

How To Use Feelings In A Sentence?

  • And there was one of these towards whom he was drawn with feelings of peculiar tenderness.
  • The villains could not sympathize with the delicate feelings of a man in station.
  • I was anxious to seize every opportunity of sounding the feelings of these singular beings.
  • In truth, the feelings do not act at all, and consequently they cannot act upon the will.
  • Apparently, Susy was born with humane feelings for the animals, and compassion for their troubles.
  • Keith walked about the streets for some time before he could soothe his ruffled feelings and regain his composure.
  • He opened our lyceum as if it had been an oyster, without any regard for the feelings of those inside.
  • We also find ourselves possessed of our judgments and feelings before we perceive the effectual power of the cause which produces them.
  • It was couched in terms that were intended as kind, though the selfish feelings that dictated them were easily discernible.
  • He is a dutiful son and, rather than give you pain, he was prepared to sacrifice all his own feelings and wishes.
  • Brant has described his feelings when, as a mere boy, he received his baptism of fire upon this battle-ground.
  • Fortunately, every one of them has a wife, and in the hearts of our women the better feelings of human nature are not yet extinguished.
  • It brought such a throbbing of wild hope with it that Gray recoiled at his own feelings, but the feelings remained.
  • It was plain, he thought disconsolately, that he could not please her, yet it seemed to make no difference in his own feelings for her.
  • I know only that always my feelings for Margaret were complicated feelings, woven of many and various strands.
  • As it was, Lois was at that time back at her old home; but with how different feelings from those which she had had but a few days before!
  • If the Jew were outraged at the idea of any lady wearing such cheap jewellery, he concealed his feelings under a silky smile.
  • He lacked those views of truth, and those feelings of reverence and love to God, without which true obedience is impossible.
  • Phipps's Arctic expedition, 67, 68; on the feelings of a baited bull, 313.
  • There was such a thorough openness and freedom in all that he did and said, yet without recklessness and without indifference to the feelings of others.
  • The meeting did not break up before there were signs of coming violence, but finally better feelings appeared to prevail and they decided to assemble again on the following morning.

Definition of Feelings

plural of feeling
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