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  • Six feet from the ground.
  • Eight feet from the ground.
  • I might have been fifty feet from them.
  • Ten feet from it he stopped uneasily.
  • Fifty feet from the cabin was the beach.
  • Fred was more than thirty feet from shore.
  • The trees then should be 30 feet from each other.
  • He was not more than thirty feet from the fire.
  • His head was only a few feet from the storeroom window.
  • The trunk is divided a few feet from the ground.
  • His weakness cut the feet from beneath him.
  • The structure is 300 feet from the water.
  • This anemometer is 30 feet from the ground.
  • Nest in a willow 8 feet from the ground.
  • They were not ten feet from the empty corral.
  • It stood a hundred feet from us.
  • The man was almost a hundred feet from her.
  • They scarcely take their feet from their boats.
  • I was then just eighty feet from that cat convention.
  • The trees are gashed at about three feet from the ground.
  • A hundred feet from the outer wall we halted.
  • Nest two feet from the ground in a sage bush.
  • It measured three feet from tip to tip.
  • They came to a halt twenty feet from the desk.
  • Mother made moccasins for our feet from old pants.
  • They stretched sixty feet from tip to tip.
  • Many of them reach out 5 to 7 feet from the plant.
  • Just then came the tramp of many feet from without.
  • Its bottom was eight feet from the surface of the ground.
  • The bottom of this cache was six feet from the surface.
  • The water dropped a scant four feet from a ledge.
  • A lucky hit now sends the ball a few feet from the fray.
  • Nest 3 feet from the ground in a small oak in valley.
  • The nearest cones were but a scant nine feet from its rim.
  • Fine fare that, at eighty feet from the ground.

How To Use Feet From In A Sentence?

  • The tree branch was scarcely two feet from the top.
  • Three eggs in marsh grass about fifty feet from beach.
  • At 20 feet from the mouth the width contracts to 20 feet.
  • Ten feet from the water-butt lay a flattened mass of rags.
  • Nest of sticks in a scrub oak, five feet from the ground.

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