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  • Drew my feet to her willing side.
  • Somebody had tied both my feet to the floor.
  • He rose to his feet to look.
  • I found that she was quivering from feet to hair.
  • Bartek awoke and dragged his feet to the ground.
  • You can put twenty feet to that throw.
  • There was a drop of thirty feet to the water.
  • I am only bathing my feet to prevent them from blistering.
  • Thrush was on his feet to receive it in outstretched hand.
  • He rose to his feet to ensure attention.
  • Then he swung his feet to the floor and sat up.
  • Feet to be well rubbed the whole time.
  • Where will it suffer its white feet to rest?
  • She holds out one of her small feet to be slippered.
  • Leave these weak feet to tread in narrow ways.
  • I rose to my feet to say good-bye.
  • He dropped on his feet to the ground beside his companions.
  • The average is twenty-two feet to the mile.
  • It led steep up for a thousand feet to the sky-line.
  • Morgan did so, and stretched his wet feet to the fire.
  • And he raised one of his hind feet to show where he meant.
  • Go around the room without touching your feet to the floor.
  • He had no hands to lift; he had no feet to move.
  • Shall call his feet to wander in the haunted forest lawn.
  • Ten feet to his right the bank began giving way.
  • He released his hold, too uncertain on his feet to resist.
  • It would cut close to 100,000 feet to the acre.
  • My fingers began to twitch, and my feet to tap.
  • The guard was ten feet below, and twenty feet to his right.
  • They commonly range from 30 square feet to 1,500 or 2,000.
  • But Karen put her feet to the ground.
  • It was a cliff now, twenty, thirty feet to its base.
  • Naught was in me to tempt your feet To seek a lodging.
  • Unable on our feet to stand, Upon our heads we trip it.
  • Myron Dill put his feet to the floor, and sat upright.

How To Use Feet To In A Sentence?

  • Up and up went Titus, sixty feet, to the top of the wall.
  • Where are the softest carpets to be found for her feet to tread?
  • Then he felt whatever it was under his feet to be firm and hard.
  • Simunde was thrilled from her ill-shod feet to her braided brow.
  • So she sat herself down with her feet to the hearth, and wept.
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