Fell Down In A Sentence

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  • Fell down on my story.
  • Then he wobbled and fell down.
  • I fell down senseless.
  • I fell down at her feet.
  • Elizabeth fell down dead.
  • The spirits fell down.
  • He fell down or was hurt in the street.
  • The snake fell down as if he was dead.
  • They never fell down on the job.
  • And the horse fell down dead.
  • She fell down and instantly expired.
  • He came out of the house and at once fell down.
  • But soon he fell down dead.
  • When he was close he fell down in a sort of faint.
  • The lamp fell down all by itself ...
  • The ladder upset and the soldiers fell down.
  • They all fell down upon their knees and waited.
  • So they beat the bullock till it fell down.
  • He fell down weakly under his great responsibility.
  • And that moment the boy fell down and died.
  • The great creature fell down dead.
  • His arms fell down limply beside him.
  • The man fell down on his knees in trepidation.
  • Her jasper-black hair fell down over her shoulders.
  • Thus she fell down from above, and was sadly hurt.
  • The buzzard slipped and fell down the side of the cliff.
  • Then she shrieked out, and fell down in a faint.
  • I tried to walk, but again and again fell down.
  • The pirate fell down stunned upon the rocks.
  • Where he bowed, there he fell down dead!
  • If he fell down dead his wife would know just what to do.
  • They fell down dead, with bloodstains on their breasts.
  • They ate them, and all seven fell down dead.
  • Close beside us a couple fell down with a great crash.
  • He fell down and died before one could render assistance.

How To Use Fell Down In A Sentence?

  • Their hair fell down their backs in two thick braids.
  • Then, suddenly, the horse fell down.
  • His arms fell down by his sides, and he began to tremble.
  • He fell down hill, and stopped before a roadside crucifix.
  • He fell down dead, and the lion stood and roared over him.

Definition of Fell Down

simple past tense of fall down
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