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  • They began felling trees here and there.
  • It was his usual method of felling trees.
  • The felling of a tree is an interesting process.
  • Be careful as to the phase of the moon when felling timber.
  • Two able workmen were five days in stocking or felling it.
  • Isak is a woodman, felling trees and sawing logs.
  • This they did by felling him with an axe as they would an ox.
  • As usual, they had a Maori with them to assist in felling trees.
  • An Indian, going out to shoot beaver, saw a large one felling a lofty tree.

How To Use Felling In A Sentence?

  • Argument is wholly out of place; felling and conscience revolt at the very idea.
  • Unlike the ordinary settler, he worked himself in tilling the land and felling and carting trees.
  • Then the leader set his boys at work felling the largest trees they could find along the trail.
  • The three boys set about felling the saplings, swinging their axes with a sure arm and hand.
  • Then, felling a big fir, he manages to get in the way of its fall, and is thrown to the ground.
  • When October was upon them they left the pits and set to work felling trees for two log huts.
  • In felling bush, or "falling" it, as we say here, advantage is taken of the lay of the land.
  • He remembered felling Carew, and being felled himself by the lethal clutch of the Japanese.
  • When I was in the forest felling timber, My wife came running out in mortal fear.
  • Whatever there had been of unconscious reverence in the silence that attended the felling was at an end.
  • Nobody could be felling trees in the height of the farming season, and on this day of swooning heat.
  • This is the tool used in felling and cutting up all trees, and in getting out and dressing all timbers and boards.
  • She was engaged in felling a young ironwood tree, the stem of which was about fifteen inches in diameter.
  • Although the wet season is not the usual time for felling bush, yet we went to work at that at once.
  • The department sent an officer to investigate the matter and also issued orders not to allow felling or constructions in the area.
  • She is felling ye ter gimme a drink," screamed the hero of desperate encounters.
  • She heard him felling in the woods, not so far off; she could hear from the crash that he was felling big timber.
  • It is surely strange, all these things considered, that so little discretion is exercised in the felling and planting of trees.
  • A little later there was a crash in the timber on the opposite side of the pond, where another workman had succeeded in felling a tree.
  • Stockard and Bill attacked the few standing pines with their axes, felling them into convenient breastworks.
  • Thus, much labour may be saved in felling trees the timber portion of which may afterwards be found to be too short for your purpose.
  • We heard the clang of the hatchets, and soon came upon men felling timber and sawing up trees into coffin boards.
  • I have a hundred axmen in my charge, felling timber on the mountain, and constructing rough breastworks to protect our left flank.
  • When the ground hardened, he left his field work and became a woodman, felling and cutting up great quantities of logs.
  • It is earnestly to be hoped that, in felling necessary timber for the use of the troops, all particularly fine or ornamental trees will be spared.
  • Once, felling a tree, the thing had come down on top of him, and broken his ear; but he made light of it.
  • Dad had brought along a camera which he gave to Stephen to take photographs of the different patches of forest, the felling and the constructions.
  • The road was exceedingly rough, and the rebels had made it impassable, for artillery, by rolling great rocks into it and felling trees across it.
  • Then followed a scene in which the man, without the lady, was looking on at a number of Orientals busy in the felling of trees.
  • The grown men do the hunting, fishing, felling of timber, building, hauling, and part of the planting and harvesting.
  • It was sound enough, and Isak was in no doubt; he stuck to his work in the forest, felling trees and cutting them up into logs.

Definition of Felling

present participle of fell | The act by which something is felled.
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