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  • In the direction of reformation the experiment of turning felons into farmers was not a success.
  • And he came, did that hunchback of Hell: the felons greeted him and he planned this evil.
  • It is a medical fact, that the children of the blind see; the children of felons have a healthy conscience.
  • Then they sent two condemned felons to wrap up the corpse in a horse-rug and carry it out into the cemetery there to be buried like a dog.
  • Everybody gambles, to the sentries in the guard-house, the patients in the hospitals, the felons in the gaols.
  • On reaching Marseilles he was confined in the hospital prison used for common felons and galley-slaves.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Felons | Felons Sentence

  • At the name of this grim officer of the law all felons trembled.
  • Nay, the felons would think them deserted, and work their will.
  • The swearing of the common felons was mixed with the prayers of the Huguenots.

Definition of Felons

plural of felon
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Felons in a sentence

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