Felt The In A Sentence

How To Use Felt The In A Sentence?

  • He felt the need for relaxation.
  • He felt the god was still with him.
  • For he felt the want of companionship.
  • Graillot felt the coming of the storm.
  • She felt the resentment underlying it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Felt The | Felt The Sentence

  • I should have felt the same.
  • I felt the same as he did.
  • Lydia felt the more at home.
  • Regina felt the rebuke.
  • I myself felt the strain of it all.
  • She felt the happier for that.
  • Edward felt the truth of this.
  • Tecumseh felt the sting.
  • Perhaps they felt the spring too.
  • She felt the meaning of it now.
  • I just felt the creep.
  • Chaucer felt the change at once.
  • I felt the touch of what no more was there!
  • We had felt the ground.
  • Have you felt the sunshine?
  • They both had felt the imperativeness of it.
  • Orren felt the same way.
  • She felt the silence.
  • They felt the timbers crack.
  • Pete felt the back of his head.
  • He no longer felt the wounds.
  • Both of them felt the better for the happening.
  • Nan felt the hand on hers tighten.
  • I had felt the rock move!
  • I felt the storm coming.
  • I felt the need of some sympathy.
  • Glen felt the perspiration pouring off him.
  • Leicester felt the scorn of her words.
  • She felt the unworthiness of his position.
  • I felt the light on my face.
  • Peer felt the tears coming.
  • Both felt the awkwardness of the situation.
  • He felt the hot pebbles again.
  • He felt the horror of this quest.
  • Phil felt the truth of his words.
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