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  • Thirty-nine were females and 24 were males.
  • The antennae of the females are of the ordinary form.
  • He found the females much more vicious than the males.
  • Abandoned females go in swarms, and crowd the sidewalk.
  • Embryos in 25 pregnant females averaged 5 (2-7).
  • He also noticed that there were females on the front piazza.
  • The females of both species are clad in the same reddish-brown suits.
  • Do the males separate from the females at this time, and go by themselves?
  • On the plantations the male negroes outnumber the females ten to one.
  • The autumnal brood of females has appeared, and this is their marriage day.
  • Nine females were seen 28 times and 14 males were seen 31 times.
  • Two adult females have snout-vent lengths of 80.4 and 87.6 mm.

How To Use Females In A Sentence?

  • I mused deeply on what she had told me as to the virtue of the females of her race.
  • The whole of the work is done by the females and by the little boys of the family.
  • The preponderance of females over males in the matter of long life is a striking fact.
  • We have noticed that those females that do not return to the old nest found new ones.
  • The average for males was 5.05 acres and the average for females was 4.81 acres.
  • Let all such females raise up their drooping heads, cheer up their hearts, and take courage.
  • Adult females molt later, as a rule, than adult males probably because of lactation.
  • Both early-breeding females and late-breeding females produce at least 2 litters per year.
  • The females responded by a considerable cackle, which, however, signified assent.
  • This difference was the result of the greater advantages of education and training enjoyed by the females of the later period.
  • Great decorum is visible in their churches, the females being excluded from the sight of the males by means of lattices.
  • Seven females known to be pregnant or lactating were not observed to move more than 100 feet away from their centers of activity.
  • These specimens were from breeding populations, as evidenced by pregnancy of females and by large size of testes of males.
  • One of the females was rebuffing her suitor rather petulantly, but when he flew away she lost no time in following.
  • The females were indifferent, and therefore contented; though neither confidential nor affectionate.
  • Almost two-thirds of the trailing records pertain to males, which were caught more easily than females while snow was on the ground.
  • The extra number of females arises from the greater number of males who leave the society, or are excommunicated or emigrate.
  • He helped the males of his family to wend their way to foreign lands as the humour seized them; the females married or died.
  • So sudden was the outbreak and so great the commotion that I was persuaded there must have been an arrival of females in the night.
  • This is one of the causes of the curvature of the spine, that common and pernicious defect in the females of America.
  • In one case I was puzzled by the fact that there seemed to be two females to one of the opposite sex.
  • The females raise silk-worms, spin cotton, manufacture woollen stuffs, and are the only weavers in the empire.
  • They may be easily distinguished from the females by their long maxillary palpi, and their thick, bushy, feathered antennae.
  • The common law rule fixing the age of consent to marriage at fourteen for males and twelve for females is not repealed in Iowa.
  • There are cases where females are well qualified, and feel willing to take the place occupied by the Principal; but such cases are rare.
  • The last picture we came to, was one not even mentioned in the catalogue, an old portrait of one of the females of the Doria family.
  • Indian children were seen running, in frolicsome mood, over the green prairie, and Indian females were paddling their canoes along the shore.
  • While as the first years passed, the females between these ages that were brought to Halls, had been personally attended to by Manguino.

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plural of female
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