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  • It was a feminine flower and they understood each other.
  • What an eternal enigma was the feminine mind!
  • The feminine nature has strange contradictions.
  • As a whole she embodied his ideal of feminine perfection.
  • In Germany feminine beauty is reckoned by hundredweights.
  • With an almost boyish frankness she combined feminine witchery.
  • Displaying a standing example of feminine folly and a rally of heroes.
  • We notice also in these new poems a preponderance of feminine characters.
  • What eagerness, what malice, what feminine subtlety and acuteuess!
  • The feminine decorations of the Avenue did not interest him.
  • The Major missed the stimulating presence of a young feminine audience.

How To Use Feminine In A Sentence?

  • She was the most interesting feminine problem he had in his long years encountered.
  • Surya is regarded by Grassmann and Roth as a feminine personification of the sun.
  • It was a feminine type that seemed to her as archaic as some reptilian bird of the primeval forests.
  • Among her people a woman's honor was ranked higher than any other feminine virtue.
  • Edith was essentially a very feminine woman though she had a mental attitude rightly held to be more characteristic of men.
  • Jonah included the whole feminine world in a shrug of the shoulders, and turned impatiently on his heel.
  • Again, it has often been remarked that the feminine interest is absent from the earlier heroic forms of some literatures.
  • During their fortnight in Scotland she had shown herself more feminine than he had ever believed her.
  • A car had stopped outside and both men had caught a vision of a fur-clad feminine figure crossing the pavement.
  • A most casual tap at his belt seemed to achieve instantly the fashionable hour-glass outline of feminine curves.
  • Perhaps her natural feminine vanity was roused within her, and she wanted to show off at her best before the handsome soldier.
  • He flattered her in many ways which, experience had told him, were effective with the feminine heart.
  • Where were the princes, the dukes and the barons, to say nothing of the feminine concomitants to these excellent gentlemen?
  • From the latter he inherited the passionate fire of his eyes and the feminine delicacy of his complexion, as well as his small hands and feet.
  • They saw her glance at her frock, the little feminine struggle, and the woman's conquest.
  • She fetched a queer battered old comb which she washed and then proceeded with true feminine rapture to comb the wonderful waving locks.
  • But at the same time he noticed again, as he had once noticed with anger, that she was curiously free from the usual feminine arts and wiles.
  • There was a stern, defiant expression in her face, very unlike my ideal of feminine charm and lamb-like meekness.
  • Did she, by her feminine instinct, perceive that we were both solicitous of her company, and was she afraid of exciting jealousy between us?
  • She is anxious to meet the young woman who can out-ride and out-shoot any man on the screen, and can still be sweet and feminine and lovable.
  • Then, at last, she smiled, and the man thought he had never beheld so alluring a picture of feminine persuasion.
  • It was this spirit, she thought, which had perhaps given Kentucky its reputation for feminine pulchritude.
  • It was only in his few Madonnas that we can trace his feminine ideal, an ideal noble and dignified, rather than beautiful.
  • He was a rank "waster," but, as in the case of all such creatures, there was a woman ready to believe in him with all the might of feminine faith.
  • Yes, he was womanish, and nothing womanish in a man could ever appeal to the essentially feminine heart of Helen.
  • He also did not feel sexually inclined towards Lehnar, even though she was predominantly feminine and was generally speaking, pleasant to the eye.
  • V. Containing the din of arms, thrust and parry and threat of slaughter, but gently concluding with the first canon of feminine craft.
  • From her spring hat down to the toes of her boots there was nothing in her attire that was mannish, but she was of an exquisite daintiness wholly feminine and alluring.
  • Her intelligence, too, was competent, left the mere feminine behind in these connections that Tressady offered her, no less than in others.

Definition of Feminine

Of or pertaining to the female gender; womanly. | Of or pertaining to the female sex; biologically female, not male. | Belonging to females; typically used by females.

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