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  • The femur is articulated to the pelvis by a brass bolt.
  • On the right is a front view of femur of a bear.
  • Knee: the point of junction of femur and tibia.
  • Genus: knee; the joint between femur and tibia.
  • On the left is the femur of Echidna.
  • The FEMUR is the longest bone in the system.
  • Gonytheca: articulating surface of femur to which the tibia is joined.
  • In the middle are front and side views of the femur of Ornithocheirus.
  • No bird is known, much less any reptile, with a femur like Ornithocheirus.

How To Use Femur In A Sentence?

  • Femoro-tibial: pertaining to both femur and tibia or to the articulation between them.
  • The femur is usually shorter than the humerus, and the tibia is much shorter than the ulna.
  • As he was so stretched I noticed how extraordinarily long his femur was compared to his tibia.
  • The femur has the same shape as in Ornithocheirus; and the long tibia terminates in a pulley.
  • Gonyodon: a tooth-like articulated process at the apex of the femur in some Noctuidae.
  • The femur is quite like that of a horse, and has the characteristic fossa above the external condyle.
  • The femur is sometimes little more than half the length of the tibia, and always shorter than that bone.
  • The femur varies in different genera, so as to suggest a number of mammalia rather than any particular animal for comparison.
  • The hind limbs similarly receive air from the abdominal air cell, which supplies the femur and other bones of the leg, the sacrum, and the tail.
  • Pinnae: of posterior femur in jumping Orthoptera, are the oblique ridges running to the median line and somewhat resembling a feather.
  • The acetabulum for the head of the femur is imperforate, being a simple oval basin, as in Chelonian reptiles and the higher Mammals.
  • A compound fracture of the femur is apt to prove rather serious at this temperature, especially if our friend the corporal has been trying to reduce it.
  • The femur of the larger individual was just 19 inches long; the other frame was much smaller; but all other bones were in such fragmentary condition they could not be measured.
  • One striking feature of the femur is the circumstance that the articular head, as compared with the distal end, is directed forward and very slightly inward and upward.
  • For the hind legs, let the upper end of each rod project beyond the upper end of the femur for a distance equal to about two-thirds the length of that bone.
  • I do not know of any other existing race in the world in which such an extraordinary phenomenon occurs, and the tibia struck me also as being extremely long, while the femur appeared proportionately short.

Definition of Femur

(anatomy) A thighbone. | A segment of the leg of an insect or arachnid.
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