Fended in a sentence

Definition of Fended

simple past tense and past participle of fend

Short Example Sentence for Fended

  • 1. I know how you fended away massacre the other night.
  • 2. With unflagging patience he fended bogies from the youngster.

How to use Fended in a Sentence?

  • 1. The boy grabbed his throat in one hand and fended off crushing blows with the other.
  • 2. Starling would have pressed himself to her, but she put out her unbound arms and fended him away.
  • 3. Ben Bowman went to the bow, fended off, and then jumped ashore with the painter in his hand.
  • 4. But the general rule was that we fended for ourselves on our four bob, and competed in the open market.
  • 5. The ordinary diseases that come from damp and draughts could be fended off by carefully constructed buildings.
  • 6. His mighty forearm fended the stroke so that it hissed down harmlessly past his head and clattered on the stone floor of the trail.
  • 7. All this time I was sitting in the dancing boat while the boatman fended her off with his long arms.
  • 8. Here he fended for himself, the room being cleaned by an old deaf and nearly blind woman, who was glad to earn a few shillings a week in this way.
  • 9. The coast, sweeping in beautiful bays, dotted with overgrown islets, and fended by rocky promontories, was rimmed with beaches of yellow sand.
  • 10. Donkeys carrying loads by cornfields are usually muzzled with rope nets, to prevent their feeding; and even sheep and goats are also fended in the same way.