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  • With what holy fervor he performed his penance.
  • The first fervor gone, a short period of dullness set in.
  • The defence took on something of the fervor of religious frenzy.
  • Applause was still hearty, but it lacked the fervor of the first act.
  • A fervor of sympathy for his plight, of commiseration, surged up in her heart.
  • O fervor animi!" says that admiring historian, cap.
  • Why did the fervor of the Puritans burn out in England in one hundred years?
  • And, day or night, no fervor lacks To bless His holy name.
  • Get some of Isaiah's passion and let it breathe its fervor on them.

How To Use Fervor In A Sentence?

  • It was here that his natural fervor and poetic enthusiasm conceived expression as a missionary.
  • She was overwrought in the fervor of her principles; she was in an anguish of protest.
  • Religious fervor has at all times helped to create hysteria and to develop psychasthenias.
  • And the peculiar glory of birds is just here, in the all-consuming fervor of their love.
  • The great preacher is always an idealist, and according to the fervor of his idealism is he great.
  • Among these were the lines "To Helen," which were recited with a fervor approaching solemnity.
  • This he said with a fervor of manner that could not but make an impression on those whom he addressed.
  • Her creeds were vitalized by the warm fervor with which she clung to them, and what more could be demanded of her?
  • In its fervor there was devotion, in its passion there was poetry, there was humility in its strength.
  • Mingled inextricably with this new fervor in his soul for truth, was the memory of the inspirational stage mother.
  • This extract well sets forth the extraordinary depth of his sentiments, and the fervor of his feelings.
  • I now began to play it with a quiet fervor and triumphant devotion which finally made the tears gush from my own eyes.
  • The sun beats with undying fervor upon the gables outside and the bald heads of the parishioners within.
  • Then they went on talking, but apparently of the garden, for they pointed here and there in a fervor of discovery.
  • From the moment he saw her he loved her with all the fervor of his ardent nature; from that moment he knew that he had never loved before.
  • The man with the booklet had not abated the fervor of his reading announcements; but those who were listening were listening without comment.
  • She recoiled as if in dismay, then turned and apparently forgot him and every one else in the fervor of her art.
  • Myron held her hand now with an involuntary fervor of his own, not so much because she bade him, but with the purpose of restraining her.
  • The girl at the piano played a crashing chord, and the children dropped into their seats with a concerted fervor that shook the walls.
  • With all the fervor and intensity of his nature he tried to fit himself to Ruth's standards.
  • The paper shows rather zeal and fervor than acuteness, and seems to have been hastily written to serve some special and temporary purpose.
  • The light of day served, if not to dissipate, at least to sober, the turbulence and fervor of the preceding night.
  • With all the solemnity of a vow he bound himself to stay; and Mary thanked him with the fervor of true gratitude.
  • But his fervor was all stage fire, and he would turn in an instant from a denunciatory Psalm to a humorous story.
  • With Beatrice, to love once was to love forever, with fervor and intensity which cold and worldly natures can not even understand.
  • Once more he cudgeled the sides of the inflexible Gunpowder, and shutting his eyes, broke forth with involuntary fervor into a psalm tune.
  • The onlookers clapped vigorously, but no one with more fervor than did Sam when Grace received her roll.
  • He rose to his feet and proceeded to deliver an oration with all the fervor of a Fourth-of-July orator making the eagle scream.
  • To ignore this basis of development is to forget that cold commercialism will in time chill the fervor of friendships and alienate the growing sympathy of nations.
  • A tense and charming love story, told with a grace and a fervor with which only Mrs. Lutz could tell it.
  • This absurd and devilish doctrine shocked the common sense of Thomas Paine, and he denounced it with the fervor of honest indignation.

Definition of Fervor

(American spelling) An intense, heated emotion; passion, ardor. | (American spelling) A passionate enthusiasm for some cause. | (American spelling) Heat.
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