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  • Did he dare intrude upon the festivities aloft there?
  • Great festivities and merrymaking was the order of the time.
  • Dublin festivities had weakened the novelist's will.
  • The festivities at the school-house began at seven o'clock.
  • The conclusion of the Coronation festivities was a time of unalloyed joy.

How To Use Festivities In A Sentence?

  • Long arrears of hospitalities and festivities had to be repaid to the neighborhood.
  • In the twinkling of an eye the hall of festivities was transformed into an emergency hospital.
  • In the midst of the festivities the fog came and enveloped every place in darkness.
  • Many people seem to think that the festivities among the foreign born are becoming simpler.
  • Everybody for miles around is notified, and they troop to the scene of festivities by the dozen.
  • He died at Montreal during these peaceful festivities and was buried with pomp.
  • The night came, and we retired, to dream of the marriage festivities of the morrow.
  • Instead of wedding festivities and national holiday depleting House it was fuller than ever.
  • Thus the festivities were prolonged through the whole night, frivolous, gay, and theatrical.
  • That night, however, when the festivities at Baiae were over, her fears vanished.
  • The East Anglian earl had elected to have the festivities arranged according to Saxon fashions.
  • If the occasion is to be further celebrated by festivities at the house they may take whatever form is most agreeable.
  • At such times all go to the house of the local ruler and there unite in the festivities or the common defense.
  • Branwell seems to have been considerably elated by their success, and the festivities of the season were indulged in by him to his injury.
  • Adelle was supposed to be in her room on the third floor when these festivities were in progress, but she could not be unaware of them.
  • I have often noticed that such improvised festivities are usually the most enjoyable, and so it was for us that evening.
  • From the time of her public recognition she appeared with the king at all the brilliant festivities celebrated in honour of treaties and marriages.
  • I had no festivities at any rate for my poor coloured people; and it made my own holidays a very shaded thing.
  • We were met to enjoy the festivities belonging to the occasion, and to manifest our grateful homage to our political fathers.
  • The festivities of the day were over, the garden was one mass of bloom, and the fields gave promise of a bountiful harvest.
  • This terminated the festivities in honour of the twenty-fifth anniversary of her first appearance on the American operatic stage.
  • The round of festivities attending the arrival of the wagon trains were not yet stilled, and fandangoes nightly gave hilarity a safety valve.
  • These festivities and this homage filled her heart with a tremor of alarm, and yet, at the same time, with joyous exultation.
  • There were gay festivities every night, lasting sometimes until late the next morning, the officers seldom seeing their men.
  • As the hour approached Fergus made the distressing discovery that his friend and host had anticipated the festivities with too free a hand.
  • One account declared that the Queen was totally blind, and would not be able to enjoy any of the festivities prepared in her honor.
  • Before dusk, the Royal ship had weighed anchor again, but when night fell in the festivities had only begun.
  • He announced, accordingly, that the Castle festivities would not be postponed, as had been intended.
  • Captain Sharp received intelligence of a conspiracy to shoot him during the ensuing festivities of Christmas-day.
  • After the festivities were over, Maria adjusted her hat in the dressing-room and fastened her long, blue cloak.
  • The banquet completed the festivities of the wedding day, and, tired and wearied, the baby couple must have been glad to close their eyes in sleep.
  • They had arrived at the height of the Cherry Carnival, and games and boat-races and other festivities had been arranged as part of the celebration.
  • But I did not expect at all that any of the ordinary Christmas festivities would come home to me, seeing that my father and mother were away.
  • A fortnight after, at the festivities in commemoration of the Greek Revolution, the boy had a sunstroke, and died.
  • Since her return home after the Class Day festivities Merry had shown little interest in what went on around her.

Definition of Festivities

plural of festivity
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