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  • The walls were festooned and garlanded with them.
  • Belts of wampum festooned the rafters.
  • Luxuriant vines were festooned from limb to limb.
  • I found our bedposts festooned with them in the morning.
  • The streets of Sardis were festooned with flowers.
  • He pointed to the national flag which was festooned upon the wall.
  • White strings of pop-corn were festooned around it like garlands of snow.
  • The grim brick facade is festooned with wreaths of freshly-plucked roses.
  • It should never be festooned or draped, but always be hung flat.
  • The inner court was festooned with flags, and covered with a large mat.
  • High up in one corner, festooned with cobwebs, are a couple of shelves.

How To Use Festooned In A Sentence?

  • The most interesting of these designs consists of series of interlaced or of festooned lines.
  • Christmas greens were festooned over the entrance, and around the walls within.
  • He climbed the three flights of stairs crisscrossed and festooned with ancient cobwebs.
  • The ancient trees were festooned with moss, which hung like graceful draperies.
  • Her masts and funnels were decked with branches; the whole tops of trees festooned her sides.
  • It was a dim, old-fashioned chamber festooned with cobwebs and besprinkled with antique dust.
  • Meat, in various stages of the process of drying, hung festooned among the trees.
  • It is cut in long strips, and festooned about the bushes, under the full sun, in order to dry it.
  • Within the tent, with bunting, ropes and bags They made a Royal Box festooned with flags.
  • The houses which lined the streets were hung with richly tinted tapestries and gaily festooned with flowers.
  • But armed men festooned themselves about its exterior and it went bumping and rolling to the massive ground-layer girders of the grid.
  • But armed men festooned themselves about its exterior and it went bumping and rolling to the massive ground-layer girders of the grid.
  • Her dress was a white muslin, festooned with wild flowers, some of which were fastened here and there by a pearl or brilliant.
  • The floor was painted and very clean, but the walls were unfinished, and the brown rafters were festooned with cobwebs.
  • A drapery that had festooned the entrance doorway from the hall was torn half loose, as if someone had grasped it in being dragged from the room.
  • Later on, all the slopes are veiled in the delicate little pink thrift, and the stone walls are festooned with white campion.
  • The horizon is bordered by mountain-tops, and the river banks are covered by gigantic trees festooned with garlands of long creepers.
  • His bed was of gauze, festooned with bunches of the gayest ribbons, and the looking-glasses reached from the floor to the ceiling.
  • The majority of the lodges were constructed of hemlock bark or of rough slabs, gaudily festooned with split salmon drying in the sun.
  • She asked the worth of his stock and then doubled it, gave him the money, and drove off with her mud guards coquettishly festooned with grapes.
  • Within, the hall was festooned with ground hemlock and holly; a roaring fire of hickory logs furnished light and to spare.
  • Here each branch of the wide-spreading family tree has hung in festooned clusters the foliage of its life, genius, and taste.
  • As he spoke, however, he searched for the inevitable strings of rabbit skins festooned about the tents, and found them not.
  • Down the festooned nave she came on his arm, her step unfaltering, her face calm; black misery in her heart.
  • Along the sides, on a level with the lower row of boxes, extended galleries of crimson velvet, festooned with flowers.
  • Each dark gray branch was fringed and festooned with pale green moss, like the cypresses of the South.
  • To-day he had not escaped, for, warm as the day was, heavy white woolen sox folded and festooned themselves modishly over the tops of his shoes.
  • And I pinted up at a gigantick trumpet creeper and convolvuli, festooned along the boughs of a giant geranium and hanging down its banner of bloom.
  • The clouds are falling; the cliffs are festooned with damp gauze; the air is moist and cool; a grass hut of uncommon purity stands invitingly by.

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simple past tense and past participle of festoon
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