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  • Few studies have been made of these relationships.
  • I can imagine few studies of a more surpassing interest than this.

How To Use Few Studies In A Sentence?

  • For the present our information is limited to a few studies in which one or other of these aspects has been treated separately.
  • All I am to do is to set down at random a few studies in such a method as I have indicated; in short, a few studies in the temperaments of birds.
  • It covered only a few studies, and those of a general nature; it taught more thoroughly and with less pretence to universality; in short, it did its work more after the fashion of a good school.
  • This secures a diminution of classes, so that but few studies are pursued at one time; while the number of well-qualified teachers is so adequate, that full time is afforded for all needful instruction and illustration.
  • During the fall and winter of that year I spent a good deal of time at the Louvre, making a few studies, and satisfying myself as to some identities that had been called in question during my rambles through the Imperial Gallery at Vienna.
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