Few Years In A Sentence

How To Use Few Years In A Sentence?

  • A few years hence and his name will be known no more.
  • The attitude of parties a few years ago.
  • A few years ago he was a working shoemaker.
  • Thus there was a sort of truce for the next few years.
  • But wait a few years and see what happens.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Few Years | Few Years Sentence

  • Because she is a few years older than you?
  • For few people and for a few years.
  • Wait a few years before you call on them.
  • Much had happened in these few years.
  • It will all be gone in a few years.
  • She was a few years older than mother.
  • For the first few years it is all very well.
  • Katrina married again a few years later.
  • All this has been done during the last few years.
  • But what a contrast had a few years wrought!
  • They tried it a few years ago.
  • What matter of a few years more or less?
  • A few years later he returned.
  • In a few years it matures into an adult.
  • A few years might finish him up.
  • It would do as a home for a few years.
  • Such singers disappear in a few years.
  • In a few years he had run through his money.
  • After a few years they found out how to prepare it.
  • Going to play around for a few years.
  • I have but a few years left to live.
  • He will still live a few years.
  • For a few years it is utterly dependent.
  • But why the uneasiness of the past few years?
  • I should not have said so a few years ago.
  • And so for the next few years she did teach.
  • Strange how a few years can alter a man.
  • For some few years back we have neglected to send any.
  • In a few years men learn to reason.
  • Hadad-idri lived only a few years longer.
  • But for a few years nothing could be more delightful.
  • But how the picture was altered a few years later!
  • In a few years there would be a great change in him.
  • This came to her through an illness a few years ago.
  • In a few years, alas!
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