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  • Bronze brooch or fibula with combination of Swastikas.
  • The junction of the tibia and fibula at their upper extremity.
  • The bones of one ankle, a tibia, and fibula were diseased.
  • Bronze fibula with two Swastikas (supposed rays of sun), Etruria.
  • The FIBULA is a smaller bone than the tibia, but of similar shape.

How To Use Fibula In A Sentence?

  • The navicular and the cuboid unite, and the distal end of the fibula is ankylosed with the tibia.
  • Bronze fibula with Swastika, goose, and fish, Boeotia, Greece, one-half natural size.
  • The FIBULA is a smaller bone than the tibia, but of =similar= shape.
  • A bronze fibula (fig. 199) is in the museum at Mayence, the body of which has the form of the normal Swastika.

Definition of Fibula

(anatomy) The smaller of the two bones in the lower leg, the calf bone. | An ancient kind of brooch used to hold clothing together, similar in function to the modern safety pin.
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