Fiendishly In A Sentence

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  • They looked so fiendishly aristocratic.
  • The guns were all over the place, and fiendishly camouflaged.

How To Use Fiendishly In A Sentence?

  • Peg chuckled quite fiendishly and Stephen Grant tried to look as if nothing had been said.
  • Followed a hectic thirty seconds of simply diabolical noises, while the two rolled upon the ground, grappling fiendishly in the darkness.
  • But the swift and deadly poison Macousha, with which the weapons had been so fiendishly anointed, began to work.
  • No ogre in his castle has ever gone to work more deliberately or fiendishly to entrap his victims while offering them hospitality, than does this plant-ogre.
  • Not clasping hands beguiled her, but lists to copy, typing errors to erase, and the irritating adjustment of a shift-key which fiendishly kept falling.

Definition of Fiendishly

In a fiendish manner; evilly, wickedly. | Extremely, very.
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