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How To Use Fifth In A Sentence?

  • Further reference will be found to his book in our description of the fourth and fifth tiers.
  • He became master of the fifth form about 1840 and was singularly successful with the boys.
  • Many scenes besides those in the fifth book may find a new meaning in this suggestion.
  • In three short weeks he had won the distinction of "ace," having downed his fifth enemy machine.
  • Poets as well as philosophers were called Sophists in the fifth century before Christ.
  • He married a fifth in the eighty-fourth year of his age, and she but a girl of fourteen, by whom he had several children.
  • First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | | | column.
  • Therefore we must assume a fifth principle, which is universal, and runs through all things, for each thing is other than all other things.
  • The fifth division is hortatory, or of morals as applied to duty, and embraces the art of rhetoric and other subsidiary arts.
  • His tall, broad-shouldered figure disappeared behind another angle, and halted at length on the fifth floor.
  • And after these words, too, the earth closed up, so that the sixth band and part of the fifth band were left behind.
  • If Vergil wrote any part of the fifth book in or soon after 46 this would seem to be the solution of the obscure passage in question.
  • My own favourite is the fifth tale, a spirited and generous tribute to England's war effort.
  • The fourth and fifth tiers contained at least 120 figures (about a dozen of which are gone), varying in height from 7 ft. 10 in.
  • It was the fifth round, and Chook was waiting for an opening to finish his man before the police came up, when a surprising thing happened.
  • I think it was about the fifth day of March when the great towers of Chinon first broke upon our gaze.
  • For the thirteen years that she had been married to Lord Brook, she always marketed on the second and fifth days of the week.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fifth | Fifth Sentence

  • Now came the fifth question.
  • And shall we call the other a fifth class?
  • Over fifth column, middle division.
  • Over fifth column, lower division.
  • The fifth mine was left, and did not explode that time.
  • But, on the fifth day, a crisis seemed imminent.
  • It still is the evening of the fifth of September, 1851.
  • Quite right; I will try and remember the fifth myself.
  • You sound like a Fifth Reader.
  • Over fifth column, middle division, Plate 73.
  • Over fifth column, middle division, Plate 72.
  • The fifth band was called Aw-glee Gum.
  • Then we must admit the other as the fifth of our selected classes.
  • The figures of the fifth tier are rather taller than those of the fourth.
  • Christmas, her fifth in the house, had filled her purse again.
  • In 1900 the fifth dirigible constructed by him crossed the Seine.
  • Snorri Sturlason was descended from Halldor in the fifth degree.
  • The Mahomedans of India form more than a fifth of the whole population.
  • It was a rather superlative hat and had come from Fifth Avenue.
  • In like manner we find the fourth day to be 1 Cib and the fifth 1 Ymix.
  • Mrs. Wentworth lived somewhere on Fifth Avenue near the Park.
  • Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | | | column.
  • For me, it was my fifth wife, or my fourth, I don't remember which.

Definition of Fifth

The ordinal form of the number five. | A music technique. (clarification of this definition is needed) | To support something fifth, after four others have already done so.
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