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  • As we foraged on the days following these fights our way was strewn with corpses.
  • A boy will need that emotional backing in his fights against the base and the foes of his kind.
  • Where would the fights come off, and where was so convenient a place for pitch and toss?
  • He fights with real and concrete weapons, and this reality is the ultimate test.
  • The only battles this old warrior had been in, however, were fights with the elements.
  • The famous debater sees all fights to a finish, and fights himself till he drops.
  • But who cares for fallings-out of assassins, and fights of bears, or grindings of icebergs?
  • The only serious fights I ever had were when keepers threatened to shoot the dogs.
  • The force in Delhi is much disheartened, and fights with gradually decaying energy.
  • The two fights here alluded to were the taking of Tsechin and the taking of Gyantse-jong.
  • Guess them fights at Donelson and Pittsburg Lannen 'bout used up some o' them ridgiments.
  • What you're learning now is the sort of boxing that wins championship fights nowadays.
  • It is only the nervous that climb the highest points of anything, and this is true of fights as of all others.
  • Anyone who fights for the highest, as we do now, may only think of how he may hack his way through.
  • At times his mind wanders and he fights that battle over again and calls curses down upon the head of the man who played traitor!
  • So he had fought against the thing, but as a man fights who knows he must be overwhelmed in the end by superior force.
  • He had other fights before him before he could call that silver medal his own, and this would give him an invaluable start in the race.
  • Our social order fights its own welfare as long as any father is chained to the wheels of industry through the hours that belong to his home.
  • The games had started as fights between skilled swordsmen, being observed by knowledgeable combat soldiers of a warrior people.
  • The god in his sacred ark goes with his people when they are at war and fights along with them, so that every war is a holy war.
  • The fight, in fact, had the result which most fights have, if they are fought fairly and until one side has had enough.
  • She fights without knowing it, too, because always in my mind is a picture of her handsome face, and eyes of disapproval.
  • Blow followed blow, until in the crowd men cried out sharply, and those who had watched a hundred fights turned away white lipped.
  • The crow fights the hawk, and the king-bird and crow-blackbird fight the crow; but neither takes any notice of the buzzard.
  • This event was probably the culminating point of a series of petty fights and skirmishes, which must have been annoying to the Pawnees.
  • They traverse those endless wastes in bodies several hundreds strong, and have often desperate and bloody fights with the Indians.
  • If the Christian Church is an army with the greatest of fights on its hands, there will be a place for the soldier.
  • At least six fights broke out among the spectators within three minutes; the Rangers and court bailiffs were busy restoring order.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fights | Fights Sentence

  • Here each man fights for himself.
  • The devil fights for you!
  • How many fights were won with less?
  • Now he makes ready, fights now, fierce as hell!
  • Who fights first, Gib?
  • The burly King in many fights with honour conquered.
  • I am not like a jealous woman who goes and fights her rival in the darkness.
  • The boy who fights because he lacks control of temper needs careful training.
  • Winter has come round again, and he fights his way in through a snow-storm.
  • I know four good fights of one against a multitude, in literature.
  • A man must expect to receive many stabs who fights with a concealed enemy.
  • The day of her deliverance approached; the fights with the wild beasts began.

Definition of Fights

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fight | plural of fight
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