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  • The figure is imperfect.
  • This figure is also restored.
  • Our figure is a photograph of the types.
  • But the figure is still wanting.
  • That figure is simply superb.
  • This figure is highly magnified.
  • The arrangement shown in the figure is very common.
  • Her figure is petite but finely rounded.
  • The figure is of wood and of great dignity.
  • Each figure is treated in like manner.
  • The figure is nearly of the natural size.
  • Her figure is slight, but there is a nobility about it.
  • The left-hand figure is almost complete.
  • The latter figure is a safer estimate than the former.
  • This figure is extremely high for a single regiment.
  • The upper part of the human figure is broken off.
  • The central figure is fifteen feet in height.
  • The figure is represented as fighting on the green sward.
  • The face of this figure is also somewhat injured.
  • This droll figure is cut out in black and white paper.
  • The whole figure is six times the length of the foot.
  • The height of the figure is 13 feet 6 inches.
  • If the figure is glorified a little, why not a great deal?
  • Every figure is beautiful, and every one of them noble.
  • Undraped male figure is Valour.
  • But, for the reasons cited, the figure is far too low.
  • Forster wrongly holds that the helmeted figure is Titus.
  • Why, as soon as a figure is seen, is the charm half-lost?
  • The chief figure is Christ seated in judgment.
  • The figure is an extension of the Greek +tokos+.
  • The figure is low when I declare that ninety per cent.
  • She read, she write, she mek ze figure, is it not suffice?
  • The other figure is thought to be St. Anne.
  • And the next most conspicuous figure is Judas Iscariot.
  • Was ', 1,' (This figure is highly magnified.
  • The neck of the figure is stretched out and slightly curved.
  • At the feet of the figure is the tragic mask and the ancient harp.
  • Every year of which the figure is divisible by four is a leap-year.

How To Use Figure Is In A Sentence?

  • Owing to the obliquity of the plane of the section the figure is quite asymmetrical.
  • As no new figure is introduced it is unnecessary for me to describe the decorations.
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