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  • Just pack up that film and the posters.
  • The first film was full of fun and laughter.
  • Has anybody done work with polyethylene film in grafting?
  • He sent the film in as it was, without comment.
  • A yellow, moist film of sweat covered his face.
  • I found him at the National Film Exchange in great fettle.
  • A film of pure blue was on the hills to the right and the left.
  • There was a movement for the exit and the last film was left unfinished.
  • The event advertises itself and the film men give it a new start.
  • He rubbed his cheek, for something like a film of gum clung to it.
  • The flood film was widely advertised and put on that Thursday night.
  • The film has recently been re-made but has not yet reached the USA.

How To Use Film In A Sentence?

  • Obviously, any method which will remove this surface film should be of great benefit.
  • It was in the middle of the last film that a great gust of wind shook the building.
  • The supply was limited and on this account one film had been apportioned to certain territory.
  • Thwaite closed the motor switch and the ancient film slid smoothly from its casing.
  • Even villany would have put him into his proper place, but for that film over the mental vision.
  • Then, before their startled eyes, a thin film of smoke began to rise from the empty pot.
  • This surface film may be removed by washing the sheets, or scrubbing them, with cold water.
  • He sent on a bundle of film and song posters from which Pep could scarcely keep his hands.
  • I was studying Film Production with the goal to becoming a screenwiter/director.
  • As far as Colonel Spaulding was concerned, the film showed clearly what had happened.
  • The highest paid director of the Great Western Film Company looked at her long.
  • But there was a distinct film of ice over the politeness with which she received him when he was ushered into her drawing-room.
  • Just as the film closed there was a clatter and crash and pieces of the broken skylight in the roof of the playhouse clattered down.
  • Late as the hour was the motion picture chums were so interested in the new film that they had to give it a trial run.
  • Further action is prevented in each case by the formation of an extremely thin film of oxide upon the surface of the metal.
  • As some of you know when a lot of different people and agencies work on a movie film there must be all sorts of compromises.
  • The film that passion had thrown over her eyes was removed, as she witnessed the last melancholy result of her unbelief.
  • Owing to this fact the inside surface of an incandescent light bulb after being used for some time becomes coated with a dark film of carbon.
  • There was no film of dust on its every shelf or sill that did not seem to me to bear the impress of some phantom finger feeling its way along.
  • The thin film of latex picked up by the belt was coagulated partly by the action of smoke constituents by evaporation due to heat.
  • Madame Piedefer had no great difficulty now in removing the film from her daughter's eyes.
  • A photographic film moved in a direction normal to the axis of the turn of wire will have drawn upon it a straight line by the beam of light.
  • But in course of time the surface film of waterproof material has disappeared, partially or wholly, and the trouble recurs.
  • The contents of the cups are poured into the latex-bucket, and the bulk of the latex film remaining is also removed by the aid of a finger.
  • If the fresh sheets are placed in a smoke-house, the drying film will take up colour from the constituents of the smoke, and it will be invisible.
  • Air does not act rapidly upon it, but a thin film of oxide forms upon its surface, dimming its bright luster.
  • In the case of sheets prepared from less rich latex, the surface film naturally is extremely thin, and no cracking is observed.
  • The flood film covered a national disaster in which a large section of the West had been inundated, causing immense loss to life and property.

Definition of Film

(transitive, intransitive) To record (activity, or a motion picture) on photographic film. | (transitive) To cover or become covered with a thin skin or pellicle. | A thin layer of some substance; a pellicle; a membranous covering, causing opacity.
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