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  • Meat is the filthiest thing that goes upon our tables.
  • Women were constantly employed underground at the filthiest tasks.

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  • I think they are filthiest below Hawick; but this may be mere local prejudice in a Selkirk man.
  • As I tumbled out of my sledge, I was surrounded by the filthiest lot of natives I had yet seen.
  • As everyone knows, religion has produced the filthiest specimens of humanity that ever offended the senses of man.
  • The lowest plantation darky would regard the gift as an insult, and to burn even the filthiest rags would give rise to stories of wanton waste.
  • Sympathy is wasted on that Duke, who was one of the filthiest voluptuaries of his age, or of any other since that of Heliogabalus.
  • Yet must I now lament that lips so pure of the purest Damsel, thy slaver foul soiled with filthiest kiss.
  • I would have given a trifle to have been lodged at that moment in the filthiest tenement of the Cowcaddens; but anything like resistance was of course utterly out of the question.

Definition of Filthiest

superlative form of filthy: most filthy
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