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  • Here are the final returns.
  • Yet my aim was a final simplicity.
  • And when do you expect to hear the final result?
  • Here, too, the final call came to him.
  • The true ends, or final causes, of natural evil.
  • As I understand it, this final is for fifteen pounds.
  • There I found Goodell engineering the final preparations.
  • But we are not yet in condition to pass a final judgment between the parties.
  • Paynter nodded without speech, accepting the final identification.
  • It seemed like the final straw laid upon a back already breaking.
  • I knew from old that Hollis was a firm believer in the final value of shades.
  • In the final reports given to Brook at noon, eighty-eight citizens were dead.
  • Her final questions were, If I ne'er lost a little sister thence?

How To Use Final In A Sentence?

  • Still, his final view of himself in the washstand mirror had not been discouraging.
  • In the final assault they had 14 officers wounded and 426 men killed and wounded.
  • He nodded and bowed his head, as he surrendered his view, with a final thought.
  • There was something very final about the way that this was said, and Bowles paused to meditate.
  • Which was a final reluctant tribute to the force of kindness that had been Effie May.
  • It was Farmer Scone who helped her to this conclusion and her final decision to go.
  • It was just after this that the final breach took place between Norman Wentworth and his wife.
  • Deacon shook hands all around, after receiving a final pledge of good luck on Karo-Karo.
  • Keith was on his way back to his office from his final interview with the representative of the syndicate that had bought the properties.
  • Latent barbarism that peeked through the veneer of intelligence and civilisation was set to push the world to its final conflagration.
  • Joan told him then reluctantly of something she had never before mentioned: her final incredible scene with her husband.
  • Even when it is inflicted as a punishment for sin, this is not the only end, or final cause of its infliction.
  • First, an accident might happen to the schoolmaster which should put a complete and final check upon his projects and contrivances.
  • Historians do not tell us what the final result was; and it is also in a great measure uncertain at what time this event occurred.
  • The final assault on the jong was a sight well worth remembering, coming as it did at the close of so tedious an action.
  • Norman had business which would take him away for a good part of the time, and the final separation could be left to the future.
  • In the final year, the religious societies openly confronted the politically controlled military, everywhere.
  • It was easier to him, as he was very busy now pushing through the final steps of his deal with the English syndicate.
  • We divided shelves and pegs with all fairness, and as a final triumph found a use for the elaborate watch-pockets that hung above our pillows.
  • So I was able to shake off that earlier fear of some final and irrevocable destruction truncating all my schemes.
  • For a moment the whole region was enveloped in a cloud of steam-like snow-spray, and after the final crash the thunder of the avalanche ceased.
  • All things human, especially the lives of men, are transitory, ever advancing from their beginning to their decline and final determination.
  • Lee was opposed to the final defence of Richmond that was urged upon him for political, not military, reasons.
  • Their gardens, by-the-by, were not allotted to their successors without some difficulty, and the final decision involved a disappointment to me.
  • Inattentive, he heard her only in snatches, till the final confidential burst: ". . .
  • This position it is, then, which shows the goodness of God in unclouded glory, and reconciles his sincerity with the final result of his labours.

Definition of Final

Last; ultimate. | Conclusive; decisive. | Respecting an end or object to be gained; respecting the purpose or ultimate end in view.
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