Finality In A Sentence

How To Use Finality In A Sentence?

  • But she had made up her mind with a finality only the more absolute because it hurt her.
  • Now the finality of scientific truth is proportional to the modesty of its claims.
  • Wherever the responsibility is his, he insists upon the finality of his judgment.
  • There was no doubt as to her entire truthfulness, or the finality of this decision of hers.
  • That suitcase had an air of solid finality about it, and its lock leered at me brassily.
  • No matter with what finality things seem to end, there is always a next day and a next.
  • Lanpher, the manager of the 88 ranch, was speaking, and there was finality in his tone.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Finality | Finality Sentence

  • The finality and all.
  • Is there to be no finality in your resentment?
  • There was a kind of finality about it.
  • The finality of her despair silenced him.
  • She saw finality in his eyes.
  • There was a crushing finality in her tone.
  • There was absolute finality in her voice.
  • It carried the boon of finality in itself.
  • Maxwell recognized finality in her tone.
  • There is not even pictorial finality in his work.
  • It became evident finality was attained.
  • I fought desperately against the finality implied in that.
  • But she seemed to feel the finality of his going.
  • Omniscience alone could give finality to such a scheme.
  • In the stoniness that waits The finality of doom.
  • The finality of Jesus Christ.
  • But there is no finality about any experiments in government.
  • There's a finality about an aneurysm.
  • It is odd how much of finality there can be in the quietest of statements.
  • As a matter of fact there is no finality about anything in these pages.
  • A child has a right to finality as regards its compulsory lessons.
  • Or one man may care for finality and security more than the other.
  • The luscious plenitude of form is equalled only by the finality of the rhythm.
  • Their finality of tone resembled that of emperors and sultans in counsel.
  • Even so no finality has been reached, and no general rule can be laid down.
  • He rapped with an air of finality on his desk with the little bronze horse.
  • Hence the beauty and completeness, the finality of the highland peasant.
  • This chapter ends in mid-air; there is no kind of finality about it.
  • Tabs spoke slowly, trying to bring the finality home to himself.
  • Then he spoke, and the quiet finality of his tones struck her like a blow.
  • Now her tone held in its full the divine finality of choice, for weal or woe.
  • Others think hedges "too set"; to me their finality is their charm.
  • Hence the strange beauty and finality and isolation of the Bavarian peasant.

Definition of Finality

The state of being final; the condition from which no further changes occur.
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