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  • On it finally depends mastery.
  • We finally went out in a pile.
  • It was Helen who finally led her lover from the room.
  • Mr. Cone finally managed to ask hoarsely.
  • Then he chuckled and finally he broke out into a ringing guffaw.
  • There is a tradition that success was finally accomplished by whipping.
  • We finally gave the matter up, and fell to talking about something else.
  • The house was still and everybody asleep when I finally ventured home.
  • But it was not until August 5, 1864, that the assault was finally made.
  • I shouldn't wonder if we finally became firm believers in Mind Cure.

How To Use Finally In A Sentence?

  • He finally consented that we should occupy the houses without imposing any conditions.
  • I can laugh now at my absurd embarrassment when finally he came to a full stop.
  • Hence, though some should be finally lost, his infinite goodness will be clear.
  • But this sound, added to the pandemonium of screaming women, finally frightened them.
  • One was finally adopted and great success was achieved, and remains standard at the present time.
  • It rather went against the grain, but finally I sat down with the other kernels on the floor.
  • Wallie succeeded in pacifying "Red" finally and suggested that he and Pinkey exchange places.
  • They declare in accents of relief that a situation has finally been reached where there can be no retreat.
  • She expressed great disinclination to follow their advice, and her husband finally banished them all.
  • Wallie finally got to his feet painfully and with both hands on his stomach looked at the cow, who was again chewing tranquilly.
  • When they finally went away we went up-stairs and he took his clothes off, and his legs were a picture to look at.
  • By means of bone and nerve mechanism, the vibration of the diaphragm finally is made known to the brain and is interpretable therein.
  • They finally decided to "close for repairs" for a spell and look around for a new location until fall.
  • The contest lasted for three days before the Senecas finally won the valuable stakes which were offered as the prize.
  • When he became too wary for the bottle, they resorted to other means, and finally he detected the bronco-twister with a loaded syringe in his hand.
  • This she jerked out of the opulent silver frame that disguised it, and held hungrily to her cheek, going to bed with it finally under her pillow.
  • It is a pleasure to record, however, that the brave fellow finally recovered and lived many years on a pension from his government.
  • He took us about his drawing-room, showing us the pictures, and finally stopped before a rude and ancient engraving.
  • The red-headed cowboy sat like a graven image, with his eyes fixed on the fire, and finally the cook replied.
  • Much meditating while in the army and especially while in prison, I finally resolved to pursue an educational career.
  • So he sat down finally with his back against the side of the well, his knees to his chin, and his head bowed, to await the inevitable.
  • Then the tempest gradually passed away, sighing and moaning around the windows, and finally dying away among the distant forests.
  • With fingers that kept stabbing the wrong holes, Burckhardt finally managed to dial the local police station.
  • He saw himself weak and emaciated, dying slowly of starvation, collapsing, finally to lie undiscovered for days, weeks maybe.
  • Pep bustled about, broke into whistling and stirred things up so generally that he finally woke Ben Jolly.
  • Christian prisoners of every nation were liberated in all the Regencies, and the slave-system, as applied to white men, finally abolished.
  • From the school we gradually widen out our teaching to include the immediate neighborhood with its buildings, and finally the whole town or community.
  • Brahminism was finally discarded for the specious promises of Arabian invaders, and the lightly-held faith succumbed to the creed of Islam.
  • The views of Luther and Calvin respecting the sincerity of God in his endeavours to save those who will finally perish.
  • The catastrophe came sooner than I had anticipated, and partly through my own instrumentality; though, in any case, it must finally have come.

Definition of Finally

At the end or conclusion; ultimately. | (sequence) To finish (with); lastly (in the present). | (manner) Definitively, comprehensively.
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