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  • The financial question cannot be ignored.
  • Apparently a very ugly mess of a financial character.
  • This line was also a financial failure.
  • Its financial aspects were portentous, to put it mildly.
  • As a financial venture the Pony Express failed completely.
  • Pan American Financial Conferences, 304.
  • I would have liked to have separated our financial affairs altogether.
  • The breaking of ground was bound to be preceded by a stout financial campaign.
  • Dominican Republic, under financial supervision of United States, 276-280.
  • Sandoval attributes the sale of the Moluccas to Charles's financial straits.

How To Use Financial In A Sentence?

  • This eased the financial situation and they might have had more time for things.
  • Her sufferings are not confined to financial worries and lack of a place to eat and sleep.
  • The revolution had paralyzed agriculture and commerce and thrown the country into financial chaos.
  • Another thing it would do would be to quite upset a financial operation of considerable magnitude.
  • He spent ten strenuous days "in touch" with financial and economic circles and subjects.
  • While the Pony Express failed in a financial way; it had served the country faithfully and well.
  • It was to secure the financial interests of the proprietary that tolerance was shown the colonists.
  • Shadursky did not greatly occupy himself with serious questions and he was totally ignorant of all details of financial undertakings.
  • I was glad to find that there were no allegations against him of any trust methods, any financial tricks.
  • And the whole secret of relative freedom from financial anxiety lies not in income, but in expenditure.
  • What befalls from the violence of financial crises, befalls daily in the violence of artificial legislation.
  • But again, they proved too much of a financial drag, and they were finally converted into day-coaches.
  • The speed at which it can be done must, no doubt, be governed in some directions by financial considerations.
  • So much depends upon the financial aspect of the question, and upon the rate at which areas will come into bearing.
  • I should like to ask, in what class of life is there not more than one in twelve hundred that gets into financial troubles in a year?
  • The radical remedy seems obvious, but is often beset with many difficulties not unconnected with financial considerations.
  • Interwoven now with the native wealthy are the families of the great international usurers, and a vast miscellaneous mass of financial enterprise.
  • The majority of Englishmen have some financial worry or other continually, everlastingly at the back of their minds.
  • His insanity, coupled with the fact that financial ruin overtook him suddenly, apparently preyed upon her mind.
  • I have been able to glean the news and opinion of the great German financial and commercial classes for which it speaks.
  • The sway of Spain was benevolent, although the administration was not free from the taint of financial corruption.
  • I answered this devious inquiry as to my own financial standing by assuring him that I had contrived so far to make mine.
  • Our preparedness, military, naval, financial and economic, is in the most complete state it has ever attained.
  • The financial situation is saved, the banks re-open, the food supplies are safeguarded, and prices controlled.
  • Our pressing financial problem was so constantly in my thoughts that now, in my weariness, I found myself unable to dismiss it.
  • The United States did not undertake to control the financial administration or the foreign policy of any of these republics.
  • In his financial strait he accepted an offer, and wrote the work, in two octavo volumes, while suffering from the weakness and pain of his malady.
  • These treaties were intended to place the two countries concerned under the financial supervision of the United States.
  • At seventeen, owing to financial reverses that his father had sustained, young Britton was compelled to leave school and go to work.
  • At all events he brought forward the salary he is earning with Mr. Bragg as an important element in the financial budget with which he favoured me.

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Related to finances. | Having dues and fees paid up to date for a club or society.
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