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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Find An | Find An Sentence

  • They find an intoxication in it.
  • Where will they find an asylum?
  • But where to find an apostle?
  • We must find an ambush.
  • Something of her doubt had to find an outlet.
  • To this we women have to find an answer.
  • She preferred to find an idea.
  • Trees she will find an enchanting study.
  • Perhaps to find an early grave.
  • Find an example of false analogy.
  • The insult would find an avenger.
  • Did we find an opening for our cross-examination?
  • Find an octave in which the upper tone is flat.
  • You would find an abundance of material.
  • I was trying to find an intellectual solution.
  • In any village you will find an example of her kind.
  • I shall easily find an excuse.
  • Well, you say you will find an explanation.
  • Syncopate the plant, and find an envelope.
  • They will find an issue some way almost inevitably.
  • He did not find an encouraging prospect as he went along.
  • To find an apothecary having the elixir of eternal youth!
  • I find an elegant, educated woman.
  • We find an equal quantity of space and food for both sexes.
  • To find an explanation we must go farther afield.
  • The pent-up motor tendencies must find an outlet.
  • Norman thought to find an ally in Jonas.
  • I shall find an answer waiting when I go home.
  • I shall not go back so long as I can find an open hotel.
  • If I sit down near you, soon you find an excuse to leave.
  • I find an entry in my journal, when off the Isle of Wight.
  • You will find an encyclopedia of information in that bookcase.
  • That is the question to which we have to try to find an answer.
  • Can't you find an interest?
  • You will not find an individual who will say that he has renounced it.
  • In not one of them can he find an "inspiration.
  • He couldn't find an answer.
  • I was glad to find an occupation for my thoughts in helping him.
  • You do not find an organ appearing before the development of its function.

How To Use Find An In A Sentence?

  • It is difficult to find an apt expression for it and some of the other words.

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