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How To Use Find Someone In A Sentence?

  • Miss Wilson turned upon him, glad to find someone with whom she might justly be angry.
  • But I wish we could really get started on our search, or find someone who could help us.
  • If he is not interested pass him up and keep on looking till you find someone who is; then leave the raising of a crowd to him.
  • Rising again to his feet and bending over the pulpit front, he cast his eyes around the chapel as if trying to find someone.
  • It ended in his accusing me of not loving him, and in my saying that he was at liberty to find someone else, if he was dissatisfied with me.
  • Of course it was to follow, as the night the day, that the boy would find someone in whom to dress his ideal.
  • Our biggest problem, more important than getting memory donors, is to find someone who can contribute significant original work.
  • It might be possible to find someone, anyway, who could be handled and used as a tool to find a telepathic spy.
  • Steve," she said quietly, "you know how difficult it is for a non-telepath to find someone he can trust.
  • If he could find someone to bolster up his insufficient schooling for a part of that amount he'd make a go of it; he'd be fairly on his course.
  • I keep telling people that every day, and once in a while I find someone with sense enough to believe it.
  • Put out of countenance by this, I looked round in embarrassment to find someone to whom I might apply.
  • We got in last night and this mornin' me and my pardner started out to see if we could find someone to direct us to the rijimint, leavin' the squad alone for a few minutes.
  • He looked around and longed to find someone to speak to, someone to occupy his attention for a single moment, to stop the flow of gruesome fancies which seemed always biting their way into his brain.
  • Never drink alone--one of my maxims in life--if you can find someone to drink with you.
  • Despite the fact that Nelka was then 26 years old, she did not feel that she should travel alone and was trying to find someone who was going to Russia from Paris.
  • Now Hugh, whose pity was stirred, wished to move Nicholas and lay him on a bed in some chamber, and if they could, find someone to watch him till the end.
  • I want to find someone who'll believe the lies I tell him without expecting me to believe the truth he tries to foist on me.
  • I won't say that I hope you will forget me, because I don't; but I am sure you will find someone to console you because you are such a dear, good fellow, and so ridiculously rich.
  • I am only twenty miles from New York City, and it is not difficult, if I find someone interested, to invite them down to look over the trees growing there, and usually when they come they join afterwards.
  • Mrs. Johnson was almost in despair, unable to find someone among that great army of employees, to have any artistic ideas of decorating or even to make a few flower designs and put up the arch out of some green foliage.
  • In this case a further sojourn among the Buriats would be useless; in a Russian prison he would be able to pick up many valuable hints from the men with whom he would work, and might find someone ready to make the attempt with him.
  • Then, if anyone is sick, the minister can know of it, and visit and console him in his sickness; and if the sick man be poor, the minister can give him what he may need, or shall find someone to do so, so that the sick man may not die without confession or extreme unction.
  • I went several times to sing for him and, on one occasion, met Plancon who had been singing in Marseilles and, from a defective method, had begun to sing out of tune so badly that he resolved to come to Paris to see if he could find someone who might help him to overcome it.
  • Agatha, though glad to find someone disposed to listen to her, was puzzled by her aunt's coolness, and was even goaded into pointing out that though Smilash was not a laborer, it did not follow that he was an honest man.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Find Someone | Find Someone Sentence

  • You will find someone else.
  • He will find someone there who speaks their language.
  • Well, find someone else!
  • If not they would find someone else who would.
  • First of all, he had to find someone who knew the ropes.
  • Do you find someone who has been offended by something you have done?
  • Rather annoyed to find someone has been tying knots in my handkerchief.
  • But we've got a whole week to find someone.
  • When we find someone to whose name is added "the good" we skip.
  • If I could find someone to teach you we might be together for the winter.
  • In my travels through the world, I shall surely find someone who can help you.
  • By the way, he'll have to find someone to take Morris' place, won't he?
  • If you can find someone who will do it!"
  • I shall be sure to find someone who will put me across."
  • If Mabel won't go I'll find someone else."
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