Find Them In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Find Them | Find Them Sentence

  • Where can they find them?
  • We did not find them.
  • I can if you do find them.
  • Why had he thought to find them here?
  • But to see was not to find them!
  • Where could we find them now?
  • She went off to find them.
  • I had but to go after and find them!
  • I could not find them!
  • My instructions are to find them.
  • We find them everywhere.
  • So for the facts as we find them.
  • Tomorrow you are at liberty to find them if you can.
  • Shall we help find them?
  • You will find them by hundreds.
  • I could not find them.
  • To help you find them.
  • One can always find them.
  • I shall find them there.
  • Try to take them as you find them.
  • You will find them intact.
  • How shall she find them out?
  • Do you think they will find them?
  • I find them all dead.
  • He only asked you to find them.
  • Of course he did not find them.
  • The object now was to find them.
  • Longer find them places in it.
  • You will find them interesting company.
  • You hardly find them in novels.
  • I shall be able to find them.
  • But the roots have gone down where he cannot find them.
  • It did not have to dig deep to find them.
  • Presently the gunboat would find them.
  • Men generally find them irresistible.

How To Use Find Them In A Sentence?

  • Where dost thou find them?
  • We shall find them somewhere.
  • I find them the embodiment of grace.
  • Do all persons find them easy?
  • You will find them all quite interesting.
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