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Definition of Fine

Senses referring to subjective quality. | Senses referring to objective quality. | (cricket) Behind the batsman and at a small angle to the line between the wickets.

How To Use Fine In A Sentence?

  • That he was exercised in his mind about something was evident on his fine bronzed face.
  • The shower would be over in an hour and here was a fine place to spend the interim.
  • Now we have our fine towns which have grown from the early work of these first sturdy settlers.
  • It would be fine if all of the buildings in which folks work were sunny, airy and clean.
  • But after a pleasant talk of many hours the purple and fine linen used to ride away baffled.
  • Bates was a very fine man, an honorable and upright man, and a distinguished lawyer.
  • If you travel up the river, leaving the city far behind, you will see some fine scenery.
  • It was a very fine mansion with big grounds about it, but Randy was not at all awed by that.
  • Sometimes the Town Hall or Court House has a high tower, or a fine dome, or a cupola.
  • Clara's reputation as a baby was always a fine one, mine exactly the contrary.
  • It was on the farm that I got my strong liking for his race and my appreciation of certain of its fine qualities.
  • However, it made no difference in our friendship, which shows that he was fine and high, notwithstanding the humbleness of his origin.
  • Emily and Hubert watched them with delighted eyes, for the sight was indeed picturesque this fine autumn day.
  • The chamber had been brushed and swept, but still the fine dust flew, and caught the sunshine on its eddies like another shade of light.
  • I was in fine spirits; for to tell the truth, I had exhilarated myself by a cheerful glass of wine on the occasion.
  • Next we come upon the panegyric of a very fine sailor, a member of the ship's company, having the rating of the captain's coxswain.
  • A flying column that followed the retreating enemy to Dongtse failed to catch them up, but returned with a fine haul of useful forage.
  • Our journey ended, we were halted in a fine old hall whence we could see, through a corridor of some length, the massed audience in the theatre.
  • She was a trim, well-made, tempting girl, with a rougish, dimpling face, and fine chestnut hair clustering all about it.
  • On the lower ramparts stood the fine house of his father, and I rang the bell quite free, and went boldly up the stairs.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fine | Fine Sentence

  • You are a fine fellow too.
  • It was a fine estate.
  • I dare say all ships are fine to you.
  • The negroes have much that is fine in their character.
  • But we shall let all such fine sayings pass.
  • My father lost a fine deerhound that way once.
  • You know how impressed Orientals are by a fine beard.
  • Next after fine colors, I like plain white.
  • See, how I'm hamper'd with your fine advice.
  • Frank was in fine spirits when he reached Seaside Park.
  • Never was man more embarrassed by the embraces of a fine woman.
  • And with the fine mind she had a heart like her mother's.
  • The posters made a fine show in the various store windows of the town.
  • He made a fine art of it, or rather a sort of craft and mystery.
  • How we used to laugh at Davidson's fine scruples!
  • If the weather improves, this well-known fine ship may yet be saved. . .
  • Take this, slave, as a reward For the fine gift you sent us; so, farewell!
  • A sacred debt--a fine duty.
  • I'll prosecute my right; nor shall fine words Atone for evil deeds.
  • In front of the fine white marble chimney-piece were Dame Beldi's children.

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