Fingertips In A Sentence

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  • With fingertips she thrust him off.

How To Use Fingertips In A Sentence?

  • So, may I request you to withdraw your ray-guns with two fingertips and put them on the floor?
  • He kept only fingertips on the tiny helm: he was playing that uncanny sixth sense of the submarine commander.
  • His fingertips used to split in the cold weather from much piano pounding and I won his heart by prescribing collodion for them.
  • When he danced with Pearl, her husky young body pressed closely against his, her fingertips audaciously brushed the golden crispness of his hair.
  • About two weeks after the ship came home, Otto Mekstrom's left fingertips began to grow hard.

Definition of Fingertips

plural of fingertip
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