Finished In A Sentence

How To Use Finished In A Sentence?

  • He had now finished his saddling.
  • Edith finished her beer.
  • When he finished there was silence.
  • Eloise had only just finished breakfast.
  • Evan finished his mail.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Finished | Finished Sentence

  • Everything was finished here.
  • Some can be finished with some.
  • Tabs had finished what he was doing.
  • She was finished with him.
  • Ricard finished the mischief.
  • Penny finished mischievously.
  • Michael had finished his letters.
  • He finished the communique.
  • You have finished dressing.
  • He finished his work.
  • This finished the bridge.
  • After they had finished they wallowed.
  • Celeste had finished her work.
  • It will be finished by midday.
  • How it had been finished she did not know.
  • But he never finished it.
  • When they had finished they went out.
  • They had finished breakfast.
  • She is almost finished now.
  • The sight finished me.
  • We finished just in time.
  • They have finished on these nearer by.
  • He was finished right there.
  • I have finished my course.
  • It was finished off with battlements.
  • Molly finished her dressing.
  • I have quite finished with that.
  • They had finished their luncheon.
  • When he had finished it he paused.
  • He had finished the course.
  • Keith finished grimly.
  • They finished together.
  • Have you finished your portrait?
  • Have you finished in the stackyard?
  • We had just finished tea.

Definition of Finished

(comparable) Processed or perfected. | Completed; concluded; done. | Done for; doomed; used up.
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