Firebrand In A Sentence

Definition of Firebrand

(figuratively) An argumentative troublemaker or revolutionary; one who agitates against the current situation. | A torch or other burning stick with a flame at one end.

How To Use Firebrand In A Sentence?

  • She had held a wasting firebrand in her tense little fist for the past two hours.
  • Before dawn the sack of the town had commenced, and everywhere the firebrand was applied.
  • But the word "immediate" now prefixed to emancipation acted as a firebrand to gunpowder.
  • He held the firebrand in his left hand, and put his right into one of the pockets of his tunic.
  • But as for this young firebrand of a Haldane, there must be a decided change in him.
  • He came with it hugged against his breast, in thoughtless and dangerous proximity to the firebrand clutched in his fist.
  • He had two revolvers and a hatchet in his belt, and appeared more like a firebrand of war than a minister of peace.
  • In due time he had a glimpse of a black object circling past in the froth and spume, and he threw the firebrand at it.
  • The role of firebrand and hothead, drawing villainous knives on frightened boys, would not quite convince his present audience.
  • Snatching up my rifle and rushing out, I was just in time to see a firebrand hurled at some dark object that sped between the fires.
  • Holding his firebrand firmly in his teeth, Grenville slowly and cautiously descended, with the furtive alertness of a thief.
  • After it no less desperately than before, Sidney plunged along the steep descent, his firebrand brightly glowing in the wind.
  • She had even been called Firebrand in her younger, childish days, so hot was her temper, so hasty her tongue.
  • Of the Firebrand river deep between rock walls he had heard, and of the ocean far beyond, and of Mexico to the south.
  • I was a good deal sacrificed, and rather represented in the light of a firebrand of a fellow whom my cloud of lawyers had restrained with difficulty from extremes.
  • This was so pleasant to her feelings after the harsh treatment from her brother that she forgot all about the firebrand and stayed to play with the children, purring to show her pleasure.
  • The boy took the only cooking utensil and started, a live firebrand in one hand and his rifle in the other, for the river to fetch water for the soup.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Firebrand | Firebrand Sentence

  • New England Firebrand Quenched, 301, m.
  • The effect was like a firebrand coming down through the branches.
  • Meg dropped a firebrand steeped in spirit upon some loose flax.
  • To translate "Rio del Tizon" as Firebrand River is making another name of it.

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