Fired Up In A Sentence

Definition of Fired Up

(colloquial) Very emotional or excited, positively or negatively, regarding something. | simple past tense and past participle of fire up

How To Use Fired Up In A Sentence?

  • Some chimneys of ancient halls used to be swept by having a culverin fired up them.
  • As he spoke, he raised the gun to his shoulder, and fired up into one of the trees.
  • If I dared to laugh at a joke, he fired up, and ordered me angrily to get on with my work.
  • When Jack Smith, the night before, had called me a liar and a coward, I had fired up angrily.
  • A few shots were fired up from below, but a second discharge from the spare guns completed the effect from the first volley.
  • That message fired up their hearts, and they held the fort till reinforcements came, and the fort did not go into the hands of their enemies.
  • She told Ruth all, the communication almost resulting in a quarrel, for the girl had fired up and accused her of cruelty.
  • As the sun fired up the forest with a cold flame Miki set off in direction of Le Beau's trapline.
  • He opened up his house on the hill, fired up the base-burner, and the two sat around it for a month trying to assimilate each other; but they could not.
  • Had she fired up into indignation against her aunt, assuming as a matter of course that Owen had been refused permission to see her again, that would have seemed quite in accordance with her character.
  • Kathleen was already deeply hurt by her friend's conduct, and she fired up into intense indignation at this remark.
  • The last words, which were uttered in warm excitement, would have been better left unsaid; for, from standing melted and overcome, with tears in her eyes, she suddenly fired up against the accusation.
  • As it was the end of the week, no washing encumbered the six feet clear of space; but the stove was fired up and Mrs. Binn was ironing and some clothes were hung up to air.
  • She fired up in an instant, and asked me what I meant by it, and how I dared to presume to mention such a thing, especially when I considered in what place I was.
  • A man from Constance, who was playing at dice with one from Lucerne, called the Bernese coin plappart, which he had won, a cow-plappart; the Lucerner fired up, blows and uproar followed.
  • Lieutenant Wolff fired up at this, and demanded to know whether the other intended to call his, the lieutenant's, courage into question by his behavior.
  • Agnes fired up her stove and sat by it, watching the eager sparks make their brave plunge into the vast night which so soon extinguished them, as the world engulfs and silences streams and clouds of little men who rush into it with a roar.
  • She fired up at the arrogance of the squire, and the prudery of the daughter; and as to the school-master, she wondered where was the use of having school-masters, and why boys could not remain at home and be educated by tutors, under the eye of their mothers.
  • They did say as they could not have bin a haiming at me becoz they fired up in the hair, where the birds was; but how was I to know that, wen the dedly weppens was pinted bang at me, and how, too, about the falling bullets?
  • The return of General Yozarro was not looked for under several hours, and with so much resinous wood at hand, the furnace could be quickly fired up.
  • By the utter neglect of any kind of precautions to facilitate the labors of their bees, you might suppose that they imagined these delicate insects to be possessed of nerves of steel and sinews of iron or adamant; or else that they took them for miniature locomotives, always fired up and capable of an indefinite amount of exertion.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fired Up | Fired Up Sentence

  • Roseen immediately fired up too.
  • Jorgen fired up at the sneer.
  • For the first time she fired up.
  • Smith fired up unwontedly at the suggestion.
  • But his nerves tingled and his blood fired up.
  • Felicity fired up, exactly as we had hoped.
  • Lavinia fired up.
  • Joyce fired up.
  • Susan fired up.
  • But instead of that he fired up with the most virtuous indignation.
  • Jack always fired up when any reference of this kind was made.
  • The men charged their cuddies, fired up, and crouched together as they smoked.
  • Then Alcala fired up at the taunt; it had stung him to the quick.
  • At this insulting epithet applied to Zinka, Sempaly fired up.
  • And this only fired up
  • Sasi at length fired up. '
  • How many times have you fired up?"
  • She fired up, indignantly. '
  • Bell fired up, and bounced to her feet. '

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