Firemen in a sentence

Definition of Firemen

plural of fireman

Short Example Sentence for Firemen

  • 1. Think what the firemen do!
  • 2. But the firemen did not see this.
  • 3. But the firemen did not realize this.
  • 4. In the meanwhile the firemen had arrived.
  • 5. How he had envied the firemen who had been called by him.
  • 6. Take one of the firemen and go to it.
  • 7. The firemen were called away.
  • 8. They were striking firemen and she knew them well.
  • 9. It then developed that one of the firemen was missing.
  • 10. I have sometimes wished that firemen were not so modest.
  • 11. I wanted some of them to serve as firemen for good pay.
  • 12. The hose nozzle is very difficult for the firemen to hold.
  • 13. You have seen the firemen at work down below, perhaps.
  • 14. One of the firemen came up, carrying a card.
  • 15. Gorcher was oiling around and the two firemen were up on the tender.
  • 16. The firemen along the eastern fringe had been laboring with desperation.
  • 17. The firemen know how much of that is the doing of their four-legged comrades.
  • 18. It's the fashion among firemen to do fine things.
  • 19. The engineer and firemen caught cat naps whenever they could.
  • 20. His servant did not venture to tell him, though the firemen did.
  • 21. The fire was in the basement, and the firemen had turned the hose on.
  • 22. The lagging steamer had been short a few oilers or firemen or water-tenders.
  • 23. Shall we think of firemen as braver than other men, as finer or more devoted?
  • 24. The firemen are working on it, but can't put it out.
  • 25. Man, to see the way the firemen go up the ladders like monkeys.
  • 26. The lamp upon it exploded, and the tenement was ablaze when the firemen came.
  • 27. The burning room was pumped full of water, and the firemen entered.

How to use Firemen in a Sentence?

  • 1. He was just then apparently chasing his greasers and firemen up and down the engine room.
  • 2. Nothing would satisfy them but to install firemen of their own and pay their salaries.
  • 3. Evidently all of the firemen were out at a fire, because the place was deserted.
  • 4. And when they start work do not worry the firemen by telling them how to do it better.
  • 5. Bonuses are paid to firemen and engine-drivers on the line for economy in fuel.
  • 6. Already one of the sailors had come up to announce that two of the firemen had been struck.
  • 7. Hundreds of negroes serve as firemen or as engineers of stationary steam engines.
  • 8. The firemen have their upper parlor in the engine house furnished richly and tastefully.
  • 9. But when the firemen called to them to hurry out for their lives, they refused to move.
  • 10. Deck-hands and firemen would be procurable at whatever port a steamer was to be bought.
  • 11. Then piercing shrieks arose when the spectators saw that the efforts of the firemen were hopeless.
  • 12. She gave one look out of the window, but the firemen were not yet on the scene.
  • 13. The firemen checked the advance of flames by dynamiting two large residences and then backfiring.