Fishermen In A Sentence

Definition of Fishermen

plural of fisherman

How To Use Fishermen In A Sentence?

  • There are a few professional fishermen to be hired by the angler.
  • The fishermen were gone out of them and were washing their nets.
  • Call in the fishermen and perhaps an offer of money can do something.
  • Some fishermen are very skilful in this particular mode of catching them.
  • In the afternoon the fishermen bring their nets for the same purpose.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fishermen | Fishermen Sentence

  • The fishermen were shouting.
  • The fishermen called.
  • None of the fishermen were near the spot.
  • The fishermen pulled wearily on.
  • The fishermen reported at noon.
  • Then the fishermen were afraid and did not molest her.
  • The fishermen claim it as not being fish.
  • And what a miserable set those fishermen are!
  • The fishermen laugh merrily.
  • The clustering fishermen had disappeared.
  • Two fishermen look at the sail in the distance.
  • The fishermen exchanged glances contentedly.
  • This is a fact that fishermen are well aware of.
  • The group moved on to where the fishermen were standing.
  • The kind fishermen came to the rescue.
  • The fishermen shook their heads when he questioned them.
  • They became fishermen and small traders.
  • The three fishermen smiled and nudged each other.
  • It is not long till the fishermen arrive.
  • All of the fishermen predicted a record haul.
  • A number of fishermen were hanging about outside.
  • The fishermen took with them neither rods nor bait.
  • The two fishermen exchanged wondering glances.
  • Now and then, the fishermen haul up a fish.
  • They passed close by the two fishermen on their way.
  • Yes, the fishermen were pulling out from the shore.
  • But the fishermen laughed, mocking at him.
  • The fishermen are just going to get lifelines ready.
  • Old fishermen alwus carry their worms in their mouth.
  • After the day last mentioned none of the fishermen remain.
  • Keep a close watch on it, and on any fishermen or campers.
  • When going fishing, fishermen wear white mittens for luck.
  • The fishermen are scared stiff of Diablo as it is.
  • At this season there were few fishermen at Lake Dunkirk.
  • There are lots of other fishermen that are not as careful as you are.

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