Fishes In A Sentence

How To Use Fishes In A Sentence?

  • L400 Food for the birds and fishes . . .
  • Synopsis of the fishes of North America.
  • Guide to the fishes of New Mexico.
  • A period of animal life, in the order of fishes (v. 20).
  • Report upon the fishes of the Missouri River drainage.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fishes | Fishes Sentence

  • But the fishes were the most interesting of all.
  • Each fishes for himself alone.
  • Some of the fishes are as large as a man.
  • While at my lines the fishes twang?
  • The fishes darted about him playfully.
  • How cleverly the fishes he beguiles!
  • He knows more about this lake than the fishes in it.
  • But it glitters with fishes of gold.
  • He fishes some papers from his pocket.
  • All the fishes in the pond are diving suddenly.
  • But with the fishes it is quite another thing.
  • In summer everyone fishes or hunts.
  • If so, have fishes souls?
  • They are considered next to fishes in the zoological scale.
  • He fishes in the part reserved for the said community.
  • I must tell the fishes that the boys are gone.
  • The fishes forming the legs are very simply treated.
  • All his little fishes talk like whales.
  • Most of the fishes eaten seem to be small minnows.
  • A man who fishes with seined minnows is no account.
  • The fishes leaped and made rippled circles around her.
  • A pair of fishes drew her over the beautiful sea bottom.
  • Guide to the fishes of Colorado.
  • The fishes of Manitoba.
  • The fishes of Illinois.
  • The fishes of Saskatchewan.
  • We die in the water: fishes die out of the water.
  • Annotated list of the fishes of Illinois.
  • The distribution of the fishes of Iowa.
  • How the big, tin-foiled fishes must have wondered.
  • Second series of notes on the fishes of Kansas.
  • Field book of shore fishes of Bermuda.
  • A check list of the freshwater fishes of Canada.
  • A list of fishes known to occur in Manitoba.
  • Plants and fishes near Pithoea, i.

Definition of Fishes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fish | plural of fish
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