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  • He stuck it in his mouth and started fishing in various pockets for his lighter.
  • These people get their food by hunting in the forest and fishing in the rivers and ocean.
  • When he said it was fine fishing in the lake, our sportsmen had their trolling lines overboard.
  • I had been a-fishing in a stream which flowed into the Missouri about a mile above my home.
  • He had seen Badger fishing in his right vest pocket for a stub of a pencil awhile before.
  • He was the Talleyrand of the camp, and had an equal aptitude for fishing in troubled waters.
  • At times we saw solitary canoes containing a whole family of Indians fishing in the watery waste.
  • Adapa, one of the numerous offspring of Ea, fishing in order to provide food for his family.
  • Lee saw how fishing in Northern waters had started America on its way to being a maritime power.
  • Mr. Welles confessed that he had never gone fishing in his life, and asked if Paul would take him.
  • The fishing in Volcano Bay consists mostly of mackerel, sprats, halibut, and herrings.
  • Fortunately the owner of the mansion and his wife had gone out fishing in a canoe, and taken the child with them.
  • There's some wretched fishing in the river, and there is some rabbit-shooting on the downs.
  • Father adores fishing and always takes his vacation late down here, so that he can have the fishing in peace and at its best.

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  • Flounder-fishing in the daytime is good sport.
  • We do not study the art of fishing in troubled waters.
  • There seems a good deal of amateur fishing in this country.
  • Fishing in Canada, 210.
  • The fishing in the Chesapeake bay had frustrating ways.
  • Whale-fishing in Lake Ontario, 11.
  • Trout Fishing in the Wilderness VII.
  • The priests had the exclusive right of fishing in these lakes.
  • So with groups of small boys fishing in the streams and brooks.
  • None of them felt much inclined for any more fishing in that almost fatal spot.
  • The Bounty of the Chesapeake; Fishing in Colonial Virginia.
  • It is like fishing in a well-stocked stream with a torn landing-net.
  • Antonio, fishing in the vicinity of this village, had once been maltreated.
  • The evening before a man called Edric was fishing in the river.
  • From the ford up to the lake the best fishing in Erinn is found there by all.
  • Cheyenne pushed back his chair and, fishing in his jeans, dug up a purse.
  • When she went she met Dagdagalisit, who was fishing in the river.
  • The finest places for boat-sailing and bottom-fishing in England.
  • Was she counseling moderation in Vienna, or fishing in troubled waters?
  • Tam Todd would be seeing to the young trees and fishing in the full streams.
  • Fishing in a cluttered purse, Penny came up with a press card.
  • After waiting and watching awhile, I saw an otter fishing in the stream.
  • We went fishing in the Kentucky often, and he taught me to ride, too.
  • The best salmon and trout fishing in Great Britain ends in September.
  • Bathing, boating and fishing in Agate Bay at Tahoe Vista is at its best.
  • Your keen advertiser doesn't waste time fishing in dead pools.
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