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  • When we return to Warsaw, I will fit up a studio, and we will live as in heaven.
  • But how much he could do with the money it would take to fit up the old place in the manner he had contemplated!
  • The time is now near when further steps are to be taken to fit up and furnish the house, as more than two thirds of the rooms are all but ready.
  • The inner edge of the hairless portion of the lower lip should fit up close against the jaw bone, and perhaps be tacked down upon it temporarily.
  • They fit up a house in which dancing girls, skilful musicians, singers, and actors, are engaged to perform.
  • We have 300 beds and all other equipments to fit up a Hospital, with over L300 worth of food-stuffs.
  • Jacob had since then been attending to him and looked in every now and then to enquire if he wanted anything: he had besides helped to fit up his hut.
  • The pintle on which the rudder fits and swings is a strip of brass, the width of the after fin, a wire pin being hard-soldered in to fit up into the rudder.
  • When I reached the section where I judged it best to fit up my camera, I gently peeped over the parapet.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fit Up | Fit Up Sentence

  • We could fit up the studio specially for that exhibition.
  • Upholsterers came from Paris to fit up the house.

Definition of Fit Up

(criminology, slang) Conspire to incriminate falsely a presumably innocent person. | To furnish with suitable things; to prepare; to fit out. | (obsolete) To create a set or performance venue; to make a venue ready for a performance.
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