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  • The guest was fitful in conversation.
  • Lessons that day were fitful and haphazard.
  • These are the chances of this fitful world.
  • What their fitful lot may be.
  • The night was fitful for us all.
  • The fitful colour is the fever.
  • Jane awoke from her fitful slumber.
  • There was only a fitful light on sea and shore.
  • But anything more than fitful dozes could not be had.
  • Looking out he saw the fitful flame of a fire.
  • His temper became fitful and variable.
  • Their conversation grew fitful and strained.
  • A fitful tongue of fickle flame.
  • His brief life was fitful and romantic.
  • Sleeping, we found was a fitful task.
  • The lamp threw out fitful waves of light.
  • But while he was speaking the fitful energy died away.
  • It was a fire that gave fitful light as well as heat.
  • The man who is never at rest is usually a fitful man.
  • But thought slowly kindled in a weak, fitful fashion.
  • Wren, exhausted, had apparently dropped into a fitful doze.
  • That night Nellie was fitful and constrained in manner.
  • Her fitful whining brought Lem from his hiding place.
  • Nearer the coast the climate is more fitful and more drowsy.
  • Note the years during which they met no sensible or only a fitful opposition.
  • They watched the fitful shadow-dance of clouds over the green earth.
  • After life's fitful fever he sleeps well.
  • So we waited, with only a decent pretence of interest in the fitful talk.
  • She hurried out into the fitful weather, and closed her door behind her.
  • The wind was swaying him about in its fitful gusts, and he rather liked it.
  • Grace's gaiety was fitful to-night, certainly.
  • The rain now began to fall, and the wind blew with fitful gusts.

How To Use Fitful In A Sentence?

  • In her anxiety she strained the child against her until he struggled and gave a fitful cry.
  • There were fitful strains of music from within and still some clatter of feet and voices.
  • One by one they gleamed with the last fitful sparks of dying fire and then went out.
  • The fitful struggle of a century had at last assumed a definite and unmistakable direction.
  • The volume of their fire diminished at once, and then became fitful and irregular.
  • But the patriotism was often fitful in its working, and oftener wholly wanting.
  • A little later there was a fitful play of lightning followed by a muttering of distant thunder.
  • This much he gathered by the fitful moonlight and the feeble light of lanterns carried by the men.

Definition of Fitful

Irregular; unsteady; characterized by fits.
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